Which veterinary medicine and sexy underwear are good for selling

Products with the highest market demand

Recently, my friend asked me a question when he was running his shop: Should he sell veterinary drugs or sex underwear?Which of these two products is better?This is a difficult issue, because both market demand is very high, and both have different customer groups.However, I will analyze this question from different angles so that I can find some clues to get the answer.

market survey

First of all, I would suggest that friends conduct market surveys.He can ask the views of existing customers, collect customer information for statistical analysis, or understand market trends and competition.In this way, he can understand the actual needs of the market and target customers, which is very important for making the right decision.

Product recognition

The second factor is the recognition of the product.Interest underwear is usually highly recognized products.This means that this product is easily recognized and consumers are more easily attracted.In contrast, veterinary drugs may be less likely to be distinguished.Consumers may need to spend some time to understand the role of the product.This may affect consumers’ purchase decisions.


The third factor is competition.Friends need to understand the competition in the market.If there are more sexy underwear shops in the market than veterinary pharmacies, sexy underwear may be more attractive in competition.However, if the demand for veterinary drugs on the market is greater than supply, then veterinary drugs may be more attractive investment.

Proxy requirement

The fourth factor is the proxy requirements.If a friend wants to represent veterinary drugs, it may need to comply with more regulations and requirements, such as a corresponding certificate to act.This may increase costs and time costs.In contrast, agency sexy underwear may be easier.

Consumer group survey

The fifth factor is the consumer group.Veterinary drugs may be suitable for those consumer groups of animals, and sexy underwear is suitable for those consumer groups that seek sex experience.Friends can learn about the consumer group from the customer’s customer data, and then judge which product is more suitable.

Product price comparison

The sixth factor is product prices.Consumers may be more attractive to products with lower prices.If the price of veterinary drugs is lower than sex underwear, then it may be more popular.Friends need to consider his costs and profits to ensure that his profits are not affected.


The seventh factor is the distribution volume.Different products distribution may affect market demand.Friends need to consider his inventory level. If he chooses a bad product, the cost will become very high, and he may be in trouble.

Risk Analysis

Finally, friends need to analyze the risks of the two products.For example, buying veterinary drugs may need to abide by more regulations and regulations, which will have certain risks.In contrast, sexy underwear may encounter some moral questioning and controversy in society.

in conclusion

To sum up, veterinary drugs and sexy underwear are high -demand markets.However, factors such as market research, product recognition, competition, agency requirements, consumer groups, product prices, distribution volume and risk analysis will affect market demand.Therefore, I suggest that friends should choose the products that are most suitable for his shops under the premise of fully understanding customer needs, competition and their ability.

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