Peacock cheongsam sexy underwear model

What is a peacock cheongsam sexy underwear?

Peacock cheongsam sexy underwear is a sexy underwear designed by traditional Chinese cheongsam, which highlights the soft body curve of Oriental women, exuding mysterious and elegant temperament.This underwear design is mostly a combination of perspective, hollow, lace, satin, embroidery and other elements. It is an ideal choice for sexy and elegant.Among them, red, black, gold, and purple are mostly the main peacock cheongsam sexy underwear.

The advantages of peacock cheongsam sexy underwear

The peacock cheongsam sexy underwear uses high -quality fabrics and superb craftsmanship, close to the figure, and is comfortable with high skin and skin, which can effectively shape the beauty of women.At the same time, through its special design and style, it can stimulate women’s self -confidence and sexy, so that the charm of the inner women can be ideal, adding color to the improvement of the sexual relationship and the sexual life.

How to choose a peacock cheongsam sexy underwear?

To choose a peacock cheongsam sexy underwear that is suitable for you, the main points need to be paid attention to:

Choose a size suitable for your body to ensure comfortable body and highlight the body curve.

Choose the right color and style according to personal preferences and body shape, such as perspective, hollow, lace, satin, embroidery, etc.

Attach importance to the fabric of the fabrics with good breathability, comfortable skin, comfortable skin, and easy to clean.

How to correctly wear peacock cheongsam sexy underwear?

Pay attention to the following matters in wearing a peacock cheongsam lingerie:

Before wearing, you must understand the structure and style of the underwear, and wear it according to design and layout.

In the process of dressing, you must first wear the lower body of the underwear, then put in from the head, and pull the body to adjust the position.

When unloading underwear, you should first loosen the hook in the clothes, then gradually take off your body, shoulder strap, and finally remove the bra.

Peacock cheongsam sex underwear match

When matching the peacock cheongsam sexy underwear, different clothing should be selected according to different occasions and temperament.In private occasions, you can wear peacock cheongsam sexy underwear, or add tempting elements such as stockings and high heels.In public, you can match some fashion jeans, short skirts or loose sweater.

Peacock cheongsam sex underwear cleaning and maintenance

Pay attention to the following matters of cleaning and maintenance of peacock cheongsam sexy underwear:

Avoid blending with other drifting clothes to avoid dyeing.

After washing with flowing water, you can add a little washing agent or a special cleaning solution, and light it with your hands. Do not rub the stimuli too much.

Do not use hot water and bleaching water to clean it. You should use warm water lightly.

After the soft agent and the details are good, the underwear can be softer, and it should be dried flat when saved.

Sweeper Cheongsam Welling Underwear Selection Recommendation

For different figures and styles, the following peacock cheongsam sexy underwear is worth recommending:

New sexy sexual perspective peacock cheongsam sexy underwear

Lace hollow peacock cheongsam sexy lingerie set

Ultra -thin perspective lace peacock cheongsam sexy underwear

Lace peacock cheongsam sexy underwear jumping egg set

How to buy peacock cheongsam sexy underwear?

To buy peacock cheongsam sexy underwear, you need to recognize regular brands, pay attention to choosing underwear products with good quality, new style, and reasonable price.You can choose a professional sexy underwear website or offline sex products store for purchase, and pay attention to the credibility and after -sales service of the store.


Wearing a peacock cheongsam erotic underwear can make women more confident, but also add interest and passion to the relationship between the sexes.However, you need to pay attention to the matching of occasions and temperament in terms of matching, and you need to be careful and carefully purchased and maintained at the same time.I hope this article will help you.

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