Which city in Japan produces sexy underwear

Which city in Japan produces sexy underwear?

As a popular category of clothing, sexy underwear has become popular all over the world.Japan is one of the main countries of sexy underwear production. Let’s introduce which cities Japan produces sexy underwear.

1. Tokyo -the birthplace of sexy underwear

Tokyo is one of the main production sites of Japanese sexy underwear and the birthplace of the sex underwear industry.Many sexy underwear brands have their own factories and design centers in Tokyo, such as Son, Magicsilk and BACI. These brands have strengthened their brand competitiveness through their own design and production.

2. Osaka -Pioneer of Fun underwear

Osaka is one of the center of Japanese fashion and the pioneer of popular underwear.Many customers have found their ideal sexy underwear in Osaka, which is why many sexy underwear shops in Osaka are black and white.Brands such as Viola Lylingerie and Tuttirouge are well -known in Osaka. Their design style has Japanese traditional elements and is loved by consumers.

3. Fukuoka -The quality assurance of sexy underwear

Fukuoka is also one of the production bases of Japanese sexy underwear. The sexy underwear created here is not only diverse, but also guaranteed.The improvement of the quality supervision system ensures that many consumers also have quality guarantee when buying sexy underwear.Some common brands such as Lilyofthevaly and Passion are produced in Fukuoka. The sexy underwear created is bright and diverse in style.

4. Kobe -Luxury Loose in Foic Underwear

Kobe is also one of the manufacturing centers of Japanese sex lingerie, known for making high -end sexy underwear.The sex and quality of the sexy lingerie here are very good. It is worth mentioning that the sexy underwear here is known for its luxurious style. Many customers also choose to buy here.Common brands include Eveline and Ravijjour. Many consumers believe that these sexy underwear brands are the best quality.

5. Kyoto -Traditional Capital of Sex Lingerie

Kyoto is one of the focus of Japanese traditional culture and one of the places to make sexy underwear.In some major shrines and monastery, you can find some traditional style of sexy underwear.These erotic underwear have beautiful handicrafts. Many women buy them not only for wearing, but also to appreciate the classic cultural elements.In Kyoto, you can find many unique erotic underwear, such as RateDrenaissance and Nitoriakira, which reflect Kyoto’s unique style and traditional elements.

6. Hokkaido -The Beauty of the North State of the Instead

Hokkaido is a beautiful city in northern Japan, and it is also one of the production sites of some characteristic brands of sexy underwear, such as Jeandarling brands.These sexy underwear not only exquisitely designs, but also integrate the elements of enthusiasm and natural beauty in the North.

7. Nagoya -The diversity of sexy underwear

Nagoya is a central city in Japan and one of the production sites of sexy underwear. The diversity of sexy underwear here has received widespread attention.The sexy lingerie styles such as Hommemystee and Tokyokinki are very innovative and full of dynamics and vitality.

8. Okina

In southern Japan, Okinawa has also become a new place for sexy underwear design.These erotic underwear blends the local tropical atmosphere and the traditional elements of the East, producing a series of unique sexy underwear.Rotorbunny, BettiePage and KimonOlinger are one of the most famous sexy underwear brands in Okinawa.

9. Yokohama -Funny Underwear’s Fashion Capital

Yokohama is also one of the main places of production of Japanese sexy underwear. The basic style of sexy underwear brands is mainly fashionable.Some representative brands such as Risanakamura and Eikomiyazaki are produced in fashionable lingerie, which meets the aesthetics and needs of modern women.

10. Kanagawa -The charming position of sexy underwear

Kanagawa is a very important city in Tokyo, Japan, and its sexy underwear market has surpassed Tokyo.Many sexy underwear brands have factories and stores here. Some advantageous brands such as Anais, Chantallthomas and AgentProvocateur are created here to create their classic styles, which has won the favor of many sexy underwear enthusiasts.

in conclusion:

There are many cities in Japan to produce sexy underwear culture, and each place has its own characteristics and highlights.When choosing sexy underwear, we can choose according to different manufacturing locations or brands, so as to obtain sexy underwear with excellent quality and meet our aesthetic needs.

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