How to draw sexy underwear women

How to draw sexy underwear women

To draw a portrait of a sexy underwear, you need a certain amount of art skills and understanding of sexy underwear.In this article, I will share some skills and methods about how to draw sexy underwear women, hoping to help you draw more beautiful and sexy sexy underwear women.

1. Ethical understanding of love underwear women

To draw a sexy underwear woman, we need to understand this theme psychologically.Women of sexy underwear represent the beauty, sexy, temptation and teasing. They must penetrate this perceptual understanding throughout the painting, and reflect it through lines, colors and gestures.

2. Select the appropriate proportion and proportion

When you start to draw a sexy underwear woman, pay attention to the choice of proportion and proportion.The ratio between the head, body and limbs must be accurate, otherwise the entire picture will not feel real.At the same time, the proportion of different body parts is also very important, such as the size and unevenness of the chest, waist, and hips.

3. Draw the outline of women

Woman to paint a sexy underwear must start with the outline.Determine the direction and curvature of the contour line according to the posture and attitude, which can better reproduce the body’s bodies and curves in the painting.Generally speaking, most of the women’s limbs are relatively soft, and they must suppress tough strokes.

4. Pay attention to the lines of various parts

Painting the lines of women’s underwear women should focus on the characteristics of the performance site.For example, when drawing the chest lines, you need to reflect the fullness of the chest and bending of the chest; when drawing the hip lines, you can highlight the curve beauty of the hips by raising and arc.

5. Performance makeup and hairstyle

Women of sexy underwear should not only pay attention to the performance of body lines, but also pay attention to the shape of makeup and hairstyle.Different makeup and hairstyles can help you describe the personality and temperament of different women.

6. Use color to convey emotions

Color is a very important part of painting, which can convey different emotions and atmosphere.When painting a woman with a fun underwear, pay attention to the expression of color and layering, and use ambiguous, sexy black and red color and other colors to better highlight the theme of the painting.

7. Use muscle form to show the beauty of women

Women of sexy underwear not only pay attention to women’s sexy and curve beauty, but also reflect the beauty of women.It shows the sense of power of women through the morphology of the muscles, which can make the painting more tension.

8. Create the atmosphere and express emotions

In addition to highlighting women’s sexy paintings, sexy underwear women also need to express the atmosphere and emotions shown in the picture.The creation of different backgrounds and atmospheres can make paintings more storytelling and expressiveness.


Painting for women’s underwear women is a very challenging task because it tries to show multiple levels such as women’s beauty, sexy and self -confidence.By understanding women’s aesthetic standards, keen observation, and solid basic skills of painting, you can create more creative, charm, and artistic sexy underwear women’s paintings.

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