What kind of sexy underwear like VOX does VOX like

Know your preference

When choosing sexy underwear, the most important thing is to understand your preferences and comfort.Some people like sexy styles, and others may prefer comfort and hidden.Therefore, you must first understand your preferences.

Suitable for your own style

Different erotic lingerie styles are suitable for different body types.For example, slimming underwear is suitable for women who want to reduce lower abdomen and waist fat, and tight jackets are suitable for women who want to make them more firm.

Sexy lingerie

If you want to show your feminine charm and attractiveness, then sexy sexy underwear is a good choice.This underwear usually uses hollow design, red color scheme and deep V neckline.

Comfortable sexy underwear

If you pay more attention to comfort and practicality, you can choose a comfortable sexy underwear.These underwear can provide support and special functions, such as adjusting the chest shape, flat abdomen, or reducing the fat left after tailoring.

Lace sexy underwear

Lace erotic underwear is a favorite style of many women, and they can improve your sexy and female charm.Not only are they have good breathability, but they are also suitable for wearing other underwear to increase the sense of layering.

Stomato sexy sheets

Funny underwear is suitable for women who want to make them look more sexy.This underwear is quite unique, most of the time consists of cloth strips and tulle in the chest and crotch area.

Tube top sexy underwear

The tube top sexy underwear is very suitable for women with small breasts and better chest shapes.They can make their chests look fuller, thereby improving women’s attractiveness.

Tight sexy underwear

Tight -fitting sexy underwear can show women’s beautiful figures and curves.Their design is close to the curve of the body, with silk -like fabrics and sexy lace, which can add many female charm.

Sports sexy underwear

If you like sports and want to wear sexy sexy underwear, you can choose a set of sports sexy underwear.This underwear usually uses sweat absorption, breathable materials and the design of the skin to make you more comfortable in exercise.

Complete set of sexy underwear

A set of sexy underwear usually includes underwear and bottom pants, and both have the same material or design.This sexy underwear is very practical, easy to wear and take off, and they can help you create a perfect figure before wearing other clothing.


Different erotic lingerie styles are suitable for different people, so when choosing sexy underwear, you must choose the style and comfort that suits you.Remember, sexy underwear can make you feel more confident and sexy, so choose the style that suits you best.

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