What kind of material is more expensive


Interest underwear is a unique and style underwear. Many women use sexy underwear to enhance sexy.However, different types of sexy underwear use different materials, which affect the price of sexy underwear.This article will explore why some material’s sexy underwear is more expensive than other materials.


Lace is a very common erotic lingerie material. The sexy underwear design made is usually exquisite.However, lace is a relatively expensive material, because making lace involves special hook flower technology, which leads to high manufacturing costs of lace sexy underwear.

Real silk material

Real silk is a very expensive erotic underwear material, because it is a natural fiber extracted from cocoons.This material is very soft, comfortable, and strong, so it is very suitable for sexy underwear.However, the cost of making silk is very high, and special care and cleaning methods are required.

Leather material

Leather is a very common erotic lingerie material. The sexy underwear design made is usually sexy and luxurious.The price of leather sex underwear is usually relatively high, because this material requires special processing and dyeing technology.In addition, leather sex lingerie requires special maintenance methods to maintain its appearance and quality.


Lace is a unique and stylish sexy lingerie material. It is usually used in the sexy underwear with slings and sexy ornaments.The price of lace sexy underwear is usually higher than ordinary sexy underwear, because other materials are not easy to create a special effect of lace.

Silk material

Silk is a smooth and soft sexy lingerie material, which is usually used on the sexy sexy underwear.The price of silk sex underwear is higher, because this material requires special processing and dyeing techniques, as well as special cleaning methods.

Pure cotton material

Pure cotton material is a comfortable and soft sexy lingerie material, which is usually used in daily comfort and sexy fields.However, compared to other materials, it is low in price because it does not need any special processing, which is a common fabric.

Diamond material

Diamond sexy underwear is a sexy underwear that adds noble diamonds to the fabric.This sexy underwear is usually made of expensive materials, such as real silk, lace or high -grade fabric.Adding diamonds to reduce the manufacturing cost, but it will increase the price of sexy underwear.

Sexy plastic material

Sexy plastic is a relatively cheaper sexy lingerie material because it is an artificial material.However, it is a very durable material and can make many different sexy underwear designs.Sexy plastic sexy underwear is usually moderate in price and is a material with excellent price -performance ratio.

Lace+mesh material

Lace and mesh are a relatively expensive colors of sexual underwear material, because they are usually combined with a variety of complex and attractive designs.This material combination requires special manufacturing technology to increase its price.

Advanced embroidery material

Advanced embroidery is a very expensive and delicate sexy lingerie material.The manufacturing cost of sexy underwear is very high, because the production process requires very superb process technology.Advanced embroidery erotic underwear design is usually more complicated, has a strong sense of art, and is one of the more expensive sexy underwear types.

in conclusion

In summary, high -priced sexy underwear usually uses more expensive materials.When buying sexy underwear, understanding of materials and costs can help you make more rational and wise purchase decisions in order to make reasonable choices between prices and styles.

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