Wear sex underwear fields

Wear sex underwear fields

Wearing a sexy underwear in the field may be one of the most fantasy things for men.Exercise in nature, breathe fresh air, and enjoy the happiness of the wild with couples, making people involuntarily full of passion and motivation.However, it should be noted that we need to pay attention to some details when wearing sexy underwear in the wild.From the perspective of choosing sexy lingerie styles, using appropriate materials, paying attention to keeping warm, equipment matching, accessories selection, considering comfort, choosing appropriate venues, etc., I will introduce how to wear sexy underwear in the field to really enjoy its beauty.

Choose the right sexy lingerie style

In order to better enjoy the pleasure brought by the field, it is important to choose the appropriate sexy lingerie style.You can choose sexy lace, sexy perspective or satin fabric underwear, but pay attention to avoid excessive exposure styles.For wild activities, it is recommended to choose simple and generous style or sexy and subtle style.In terms of pants, it is recommended to selective low -waist hot pants, which can not only show sexy, but also in line with the comfort of field activities.

Use appropriate materials

Choosing materials is also a aspect that needs to be paid attention to.Wearing erotic underwear in the wild requires selection of materials with good breathability and high comfort, so as not to cause allergies or discomfort that is not appropriate.You can choose high -quality cotton or silk materials to ensure the quality of wearing in the wild.

keep warm

Wild temperature is not easy to predict. In order to better enjoy field pleasure, keep warm.You can choose to wear velvet -warm sexy underwear, or with a jacket.At the same time, pay attention to wearing thick -bottomed shoes to protect your feet from cold damage.


Wild activities are not only a sexual experience, but also an opportunity to expand themselves.Correct equipment can allow you to better enjoy the thrill of field.You can choose the appropriate outdoor equipment, such as a pair of good climbing shoes, a multi -function headscarf, a lightweight search and rescue dagger, and so on.At the same time, some sexy toys can be used to enhance the fun experience, such as sexy stockings, sex stockings, female jumping eggs, airplane cups, and so on.

Choice of accessories

Choosing the right accessories can make you more sexy and charming and better show the beauty of the wild.You can choose sexy neck chains, earrings, bracelets, ankles and rings, etc., to help sex underwear increase color.However, it should be noted that the accessories should not be too much or too much, which affects the comfort of field activities.

Consider comfort

Although wearing sexy underwear in the wild requires sexy effects, the comfort cannot be ignored.It is recommended to choose soft and comfortable materials to avoid too tight or impermeable design.At the same time, adjust the size in an appropriate amount, and do not choose too wide or too small sexy underwear to ensure the comfort of wearing.

Choose the appropriate venue

In order to ensure the effect of field experience, it is also very important to choose the appropriate venue.You can choose to stay away from the lively venue to avoid affecting sexy effects.At the same time, we must also choose a relatively flat or difficult to slip to ensure the safety and comfort of field activities.


Wearing a sexy underwear in the field in the field can indeed add fun and make the interaction between couples more colorful.However, before trying, you need to make full preparations, choose sexy underwear suitable for your physical conditions, temperament and activity types, and pay attention to problems such as material, warmth, equipment matching, accessories selection, comfort, and venue selection.Only under the premise of fully preparing and details can we truly enjoy the beauty of sexy underwear in the wild.

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