Wedding underwear bikini sexy underwear

The importance of buying wedding underwear

Wedding underwear is a must -have for each bride. In addition to providing basic support functions, it can also improve body and temperament to a certain extent.Buying suitable wedding underwear can create a perfect wedding image.

Design elements of wedding underwear

The design elements of wedding underwear are mainly the following points: chest shape, hips, waist, etc.For the top, you need to choose a suitable cup size to make the chest shape more perfect.For the bottom, the appropriate style needs to be selected to enhance the hip curve and create the effect of hip -lifting.The waist needs to use appropriate sealing materials to make the waistline more neat.

The color and fabric of wedding underwear

When buying wedding underwear, color and fabrics need to be paid attention to.The style without straps, no trace, and seams is the most practical.Basic colors such as white, beige, and skin tone are good choices.In terms of fabrics, we must choose a soft and breathable texture to ensure that wearing is comfortable and not stimulate the skin.

Bikini choice

Bikini is a sexy swimsuit, which is a good opportunity for women with good figure.When buying bikini, in addition to styles, you also need to pay attention to problems such as personal skin tone and belly.

Bikini style selection

There are many styles of bikinis, which are divided into triangular bikini, strap bikini, sling bikini, four -corner bikini and other types.Among them, the triangle bikini is the most classic, suitable for most women to wear.The four -corner bikini is suitable for women with smaller breasts, which can increase the curve beauty of the chest.

Bikini color choice

Bikinis also needs to be considered. Generally speaking, women with white skin tone can choose bright and neon bikinis. Women with yellow or dim skin can choose dark, bright red or dark bikini.

Bikini fabric selection

Bikini fabrics can be polyester fiber, nylon or spandex fabric.Among them, the elasticity of spandex fabrics can better fit the body curve and make the skin feel comfortable and breathable.

Selection of sex underwear

Interest underwear is a product, which is mainly used to increase sexual interest or improve the experience of sexual life.Unlike ordinary underwear, sexy underwear usually uses highly irritating design styles, fabrics and bold tailoring methods.

Selection of sexy underwear style

Interest underwear has a variety of style choices, commonly lazy styles, sexy styles, European and American styles, etc., can be selected according to their preferences.

Selection of fabrics and color selection of sexy underwear

Sex underwear usually uses some special fabrics, such as silk, lace, mesh, etc. The color is usually black, red, purple, and skin color.When buying, you need to pay attention to the comfort of the fabric, and at the same time, the color should be coordinated with your skin color.


When choosing a wedding underwear, bikini or sexy lingerie, you need to choose the right style, color and fabric according to your needs and body characteristics.The choice of each underwear can show the charm of women in different scenarios, and fully enhance self -confidence and temperament.

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