Watching brand sexy underwear show


Interest underwear interprets a particularly sexy, a temperament different from any other underwear.With cost -effectiveness, sexy underwear has become quite common, and more and more women are starting to be more enthusiastic about sexy underwear.In this market, the observation brand has become a hot spot for people.This article will show you the charm of some of the latest observation brand erotic lingerie show.

brand introduction

The cover is a self -operated multi -brand underwear company, and is committed to providing consumers with beautiful design and high -quality underwear.There is no doubt the fabric selection of the brand’s sexy underwear, such as silk, chiffon and lace, which gives women more optional and more comfortable wearing feel.So far, dozens of underwear styles have been launched. Of course, there are many other types to meet the needs of different women.

Sexy underwear show

Now, let’s take a look at the sexy underwear show held by the brand together, which shows the latest and most popular sexy underwear.

Lace & stockings set

This set is mainly pure lace, with black stockings with small red bows, which is very elegant.The top adopts a unique design, surprise rope, and black stockings, especially suitable for black.

Black suit

This sexy underwear uses high -quality elastic imitation silk, making you feel comfortable like silk.Black styles are particularly prominent in shape.The exquisite design of the chest and waist allows people to produce stronger visual effects. The entire underwear is fine and good.

Pure white sexy underwear

Pure white sexy underwear gives a particularly special temperament and is very durable.It is dominated by high -quality flying rotors, and its simple design and transparent texture are particularly prominent in terms of visual effects.Let you wear it more freely and comfortably.

Transparent & lace set

The transparent & lace suit uses transparent silk fabrics and classic black lace, which makes the visual highlights obvious.In addition, this underwear has a special V -shaped at the hem, showing a rich sense of layering and design.

Mysterious black sexy underwear

This black sexy underwear is mainly high -end lace, and the well -designed flower texture injection is more mysterious.Underwear uses high -quality fabrics, which is very comfortable to wear on the body, and also has strong sexy strength.

Fan & black suit

This sexy underwear uses charming pink and calm and sexy black combination, which is simple and tasteless.The design on the chest is very classic, and the lace and silk ribbon are connected to create a broad atmosphere.The hem department has come to the ultimate sexy, showing the beautiful curve of women to the fullest.

Sexy lingerie

Interest underwear is no longer a simple adult toy. They are more art, a art that shows the beautiful figure of women.The sexy lingerie of the cover brand not only provides comfortable and exquisite underwear, but also takes care of sexy and charm.You will find your favorite style and show your own charm.


The above is the latest and most popular sexy lingerie show information.Interesting underwear is not only for your own better life, but more importantly, you must have confidence and charm for yourself.This brand has recently been famous in the global market, helping more and more women to find the most suitable underwear.If you are looking for a comfortable, high -quality sexy underwear, the cover brand must be your best choice.

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