Vibrating sexy underwear

1. The definition of shaking sexy underwear

Vibration erotic underwear means that under sex, underwear can produce vibration stimuli and increase sexual stimulation and fun.Small vibrators are usually installed on the underwear, and power supply is charged by battery or USB.

2. Suitable for the crowd

Vibration of sexy underwear is suitable for couples, married couples, and people who want to add stimulus and change in sex.At the same time, because of its beautiful appearance and boldness, it is also suitable for those who like to try new things.

Third, common styles

The style of shaking sex lingerie is rich and diverse, including jumping eggs, underwear, bra, and thong.Jumping egg -type is the most common. It can be used alone or other sexual supplies.

Fourth, material selection

Vibration erotic lingerie materials need to focus on safety and comfort when choosing.Common materials include silicone, TPE, ABS, etc. The materials that meet the food -level safety standards should be selected to avoid adverse effects on the body.

5. How to use and precautions

When using, pay attention to cleaning and hygiene to avoid excessive use and cause physical discomfort.At the same time, we should follow the use of product manuals. Do not disassemble or modify underwear at will to avoid safety accidents.

6. Battery and charging

Some vibration erotic underwear requires a battery or charger for power supply. When using it, it should be avoided to install batteries or use different specifications batteries. At the same time, it should follow the charging method and use time on the product manual to avoid damage to the battery or charger.

Seven, maintenance and maintenance

After use, clean the underwear and keep them dry and ventilated.If there are cloth accessories on the underwear, remove first before cleaning.At the same time, in order to protect the life of underwear and vibrators, it is not recommended to store it in a high temperature, humid or direct sunlight for a long time.

8. Brand recommendation

There are many brands of vibrating sexy underwear in the market, such as Lelo, LOVEANDVIBES, WE-VIBE, etc. Consumers can choose a brand that suits them according to their needs and budgets.

Nine, price

The price of shaking sex underwear is different. The price of some entry -level styles is tens of yuan, and the price of some high -end brands can reach thousands of yuan. Consumers can choose according to their own budget and needs.

10. Conclusion

Vibrating sexy underwear is a trend in modern sex culture, which can increase the sense of irritation and fun of sex.However, we must pay attention to hygiene, safety and correct use when using to ensure the comfort and safety in the process of sex.

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