Victoria’s Secret Overse


Victoria’s sexy underwear has always been synonymous with fashion and sexy.What has recently caused controversy in social media is whether there is pubic hair in its style, let’s discuss in depth.


A netizen shared a photo on social media, showing that the designers of Victoria’s Secrets and sexy underwear used artificial pubic hair as a matching underwear, which caused many controversy.

Why use pubic hair

When making underwear, designers will consider different factors, such as the ductility, breathability, and color of the fabric.The use of pubic hair is to create more natural effects, thereby fully showing the artistic and sexy degree of underwear.

The emergence of criticism

Some people question and criticize the pubic hair design in Victoria’s sexy underwear, because they feel that such a design is too explicit and should not be displayed in public, and the improper use of this design will cause discomfort to some people.

What kind of sexy underwear is suitable for you

When choosing a sexy underwear, you need to consider your body, wear occasions and other factors, but also choose the right style in combination with your own aesthetic concept.For example, if you like sexy and publicity styles, you can choose the materials such as lace, lace; if you like fresh and sweet styles, you can choose a series of small fresh and sweethearts.

How to match sexy underwear

Pay attention to the balance between practicality and aesthetics when matched with sexy underwear.You can add a long -sleeved clothing or coat to sexy underwear to increase the sense of mystery and layering.

Maintenance of sexy underwear

In order to maintain the beauty and comfort of sexy underwear, cleaning and maintenance need to be regularly cleaned.It is recommended to use cold water hands and avoid using a rough laundry solution or brush for cleaning.

Brand recommendation

In addition to Victoria’s Secrets, there are many other brands of sexy underwear to choose from in the market. For example, brands such as Wilderness, Noone, Jezebel have classic series of styles, and you can choose sexy underwear of different brands according to your preferences.


The design of sexy underwear is no longer a simple sexy blood, but a complex artwork that combines fashion elements, paying more attention to the aesthetic and ornamental of clothing.Further increase the charm of sexy underwear, and allows people to gain more joy and aesthetic meaning in appreciation.

Ultimate choice

Whether or not use pubic hair, sexy underwear is always a sexy, unique and artistic clothing.We can choose the favorite style according to our preferences to show our sexy and charm.

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