Various sex lingerie series number

Various sex lingerie series number

1. The number of representative brands

In other words, there are several representative brands in sexy underwear worthy of our understanding. For example, the SM series represents SM tuning uniforms, LX represents lace sexy underwear, PL represents wave dot sexy underwear, etc.The combination of the brand and the number represents a series of styles and designs, allowing people to identify and choose clearly.

2. Shape number

The shape number is divided into A, B, C, D, E, F, G, which represents different shapes and tailoring. You can choose your favorite style according to your figure and personal hobbies.

3. Material number

The material number refers to the material of the underwear, such as: spandex (LYCRA, SPFP), polyurethane (PU), carpet bottom cloth (Velboa), and PVC.The choice of material depends on your personal preference and experience.

4. Style number

The style number expresses the different styles and characteristics of sexy underwear, such as: OL represents the uniform style, SA represents sexy style, D represents a lady style, Q represents cute style.

5. Color number

Color numbers are divided into basic colors such as black, white, purple and other special colors such as champagne and red. Color choices can consider personal preferences and occasions.

6. Specification number

Specifications include conventional specifications and large size specifications. The conventional specifications are suitable for people with a weight of less than 60kg. The large size specifications are suitable for people with a weight of more than 60kg.Different specifications of underwear, especially the differences in design and tailoring are very obvious.

7. Manufacturer number

The manufacturer number represents the manufacturer of underwear. Each manufacturer has its own characteristics and historical allusions. It can be selected according to personal preferences, brand trust and price.

8. series number

The series number refers to the sexy underwear of the same series. The design and style are basically similar, but the style and color are different.The underwear of the same series generally has a uniform number, which is convenient for consumers to identify and buy.

9. New product number

The new product number refers to the latest style of sexy underwear, which is generally expressed as the words "new XX" or car model girl. Designing and tailoring will be more fashionable and new, suitable for people who pursue fashion.

10. Instence underwear rating table

Finally, the sex lingerie rating form is a ranking table of various sex underwear evaluated by professionals in the industry. It can be used as a guide to shopping and buying.In this table, the ranking of sexy underwear is based on factors such as their sexy, comfort and value.


Understanding a series of sexy lingerie series will help us better understand the design and characteristics of love underwear, and to choose the style that suits them.Different brands, different codes and other information have their own unique characteristics. Choosing the right underwear can increase our charm and confidence.

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