The most common sexy underwear model


As a trendy fashion element, sexy underwear is increasingly favored by people, and various types of sexy underwear have also entered people’s vision.According to surveys, sexy underwear models are one of the important factors affecting consumer purchasing power.In this article, we will introduce the most common sexy underwear model to take you into the world of sexy underwear.

Mainstream model

Mainstream sexy underwear models refer to those who often appear in advertisements.They are usually spokespersons of large -scale sexy underwear brands, such as Victoria’s Secrets, La Senza, Aimer, etc.These models are usually outstanding in appearance, with outstanding figures, and high professionalism and plasticity.

Supermodel star

Famous model stars refer to those famous models or stars in the entertainment industry.Their effects in advertisements are very good because they are usually very concerned.Such supermodels and pop singers such as Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner, Rihanna and other supermodels have a high influence in the field of sexy underwear models.

Professional model

Professional models refer to models that specialize in the affectionate underwear industry.They are very professional and can show the details and charm of sexy underwear well.They usually pay more attention to the quality and comfort of sexy underwear, bringing different visual and sensory enjoyment to the audience.

Sports or fitness models

Sports or fitness models refer to models with outstanding physical fitness and bodybuilding.They can show the lines of sexy underwear well, and they have more sports and health.At the same time, these models can also enable brands to associate with sports, fitness, etc., and promote the brand’s more comprehensive market share.


Substituted models refer to the models that complete the shooting mission instead of the main model in advertising shooting.They usually perform all -weather shooting to complete a large number of shooting tasks.Although they are not as famous as the main model, the importance of their filming cannot be ignored.

Plane model

Plane models refer to models that appear on graphic media such as packaging design, advertising posters.They usually take pictures or photos, asking for facial expression, body and posture to be perfect.Their task is to show the details and styles of sexy underwear and stimulate consumers’ desire to buy.

On -site model

On -site models refer to the positions of showing models at the sex underwear exhibition or other on -site activities.They usually perform long -term catwalk performances, and they need to show the details and characteristics of sexy underwear and interact with the audience.The task of on -site models is to increase exposure to the brand and increase brand awareness.

Non -mainstream model

Non -mainstream models refer to those models that are not in line with traditional beauty standards.They may have unique hairstyles, makeup or figure.They are characterized by their uniqueness and boldly highlight themselves, known as "anti -persimmon".These models usually bring a very special visual experience and experience.

Model diversification trend

With the continuous update of the concept of social development and fashion, the type of sexy underwear model has become more and more diversified.Sex also broaden market space for the brand.


In addition to the attraction of sexy underwear, in addition to the brand and style, the model of sex underwear is also one of the key factors to promote consumers to buy.When choosing sexy underwear, diversified sexy underwear models can give us more reference and revelation.Different types of sexy underwear models can bring different choices and experiences to consumers.

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