The earliest sexy underwear show in France

France’s earliest sexy underwear show

Interest underwear is often regarded as a kind of clothing that is used between couples, but in fact, its history can be traced back a long time ago.The earliest sexy underwear show is said to be in France. The following we will gradually tell this history.


At first, sexy underwear did not become the mainstream, and most women were wearing simple underwear.However, in the 1920s, an unprecedented performance was performed at the Grand Palace Theater in France, which was the earliest sexy underwear show in France.

Form of performance

This performance uses strong purple and pink lights, which outlines beautiful figures in soft music.On the show, the models wore a variety of carefully designed sexy underwear, showing the audience the sexy lines and unique design concepts.


This fashion show attracted a lot of attention. It not only demonstrated sexy underwear in an unprecedented form, but also created a new fashion concept.The audience was very obsessed with this, and sexy underwear became a fashion trend at that time.


After a few years, sexy underwear has become a trend of Europe and the United States.People use erotic underwear to express their sexy and independent consciousness, and at the same time, they can also add the intimacy between couples.


The design concept of sexy underwear has changed after the precipitation of time. Nowadays, sex underwear is not just a clothing limited to the bed, it can also become a choice for daily wear.In addition, it has become more diverse and personalized.

conquer the world

Today, sexy underwear has become part of the global fashion industry, and people’s demand for sexy underwear is increasing.At the same time, the design and materials of sexy underwear are constantly innovating and improving to meet people’s different needs and aesthetic standards.

Brand Promotion

Through the popularity of Victoria’s Secret Angels and the popular promotion of social media with high popularity of women, sexy underwear brands have made sexy underwear a desirable fashion trend and promoted market development.

market expectation

Market data shows that the global market size of sex underwear is growing rapidly.In the next few years, the sexy underwear market will continue to maintain rapid growth, and startups will continue to launch innovative sexy underwear products to meet the changing market demand.


The earliest sexy underwear show in France opened a brand new world for us, which promoted the development and innovation of sexy underwear.Today’s sexy underwear is not limited to the category of sexy and private. It has become a popular fashion trend, representing freedom, beauty and independence.

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