The heroine is reborn to wear a sexy underwear for the male lead

1. The heroine is reborn as the heroine

There was once a heroine that re -generated a leading actor for some reason, and then she (he) began a new life.Although her (his) gender has changed, her personality has not changed.She (he) is very concerned about the comfort he is wearing, especially the choice of underwear.When choosing a sexy underwear, the heroine (now the actor) still spent a long time looking for the sexy underwear that suits him most for a long time. At this time, the problem comes. How can I choose to choose a suitable actor as a heroine?What about your own sexy underwear?

2. How can girls choose sexy underwear

First of all, as the heroine rebuild the actor, we need to understand how girls choose sexy underwear first.Girls care most about appearance and comfort.The appearance must be sexy and improved, but not omitted comfort.Therefore, girls usually choose sexy underwear with soft and moderate texture.In addition, consider the occasions and time of wear.Simply put, the appearance and comfort are complementary, and each other is the cause and effect.

3. How do boys choose sexy sheets

Now let’s take a look at how boys choose sexy underwear.What the boy wants most is the gender characteristics represented by the sexy underwear, thereby increasing their charm and sense of accomplishment.Therefore, boys usually choose tight sexy underwear to highlight the body curve.In addition, it is necessary to consider the support of sexy underwear and the posture of wearing sexy underwear.

Fourth, the color selection of sexy underwear

Regardless of men and women, the choice of color is crucial.Girls usually fall in love with soft colors, such as pink, purple and so on.Boys usually love tough colors, such as black or dark blue.Of course, consider actual occasions.For example, if you need to wear sex underwear in a very dark environment, then light -colored sexy underwear may be more suitable.

Five, the fabric material of sexy underwear

The material material is one of the key factors affecting the comfort of wearing.Under normal circumstances, it is more appropriate to choose soft, personal and breathable fabrics.You may want to choose some fancy fabrics, but these fabrics often damage your comfort and even lead to some unnecessary health problems.

Six, the choice of size

Size is very important for sexy underwear.If you choose a sexy underwear with too large size, then you will lose some delicate and close feelings, and you cannot show your body to the person in front of you; if you choose a sexy underwear with too small size, then you will feel very uncomfortableEssenceTherefore, it is best to choose the most suitable size according to your figure.

Seven, brand choices

The brand is also important in the choice of sexy underwear.Generally speaking, good quality brands will pay more attention to comfort and visual effects, and choose better fabrics and techniques to provide better support and visual effects.Of course, you can also choose some niche brands. These brands may highlight your own personality, but you need to pay attention to quality and comfort.

8. How to choose sexy underwear on how the heroine rebirth

Back to the actor’s rebirth of the actor, there is no difference between the factors that the love underwear needs to be considered and the girls choose sexy underwear.Only in terms of color, fabric material and brand selection, the heroine needs to choose the color, suitable fabrics and reliable brands that men like.Although this is a new challenge, it is not difficult to choose sexy underwear compared with girls.

Nine, summarize

In short, sexy underwear is important for everyone, but everyone’s choice factors are different.Whether you are a man or a woman, as long as you pay attention to the choice of sexy underwear, you can choose your own needs and comfort to choose the sexy underwear that suits you best.Therefore, we should choose the sexy underwear that is best for us according to our needs and personality.

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