The heroine wears sexy underwear and the male lead

The hostess is ready to wear sexy underwear

The heroine decided to surprise the male lead, so she went to buy a sex underwear.Sex underwear is usually sexy and has a variety of styles. You need to consider your body and the taste of the male lead.

How to choose the right sexy underwear

The heroine needs to understand her body first, and choose the appropriate style according to the taste of the male lead.Common sexy underwear types include:

1. lace jealous pantyhose set

2. Three -point jacket

3. Open underwear and bra combination

4. Lace underwear and bra.

The characteristics of the heroine

The heroine is petite and exquisite, her chest is small, and her hips are full.She needs to choose a underwear that can highlight the hip lines and use chest pads to increase the fullness of the chest.

Male Lord’s preference

According to the taste of the male lead, the female lead needs to selectively sexy and charming style.Men usually like red, black and purple sexy underwear, so the female lead can choose these colors to increase temptation.

Details are the key

The hostess needs to pay attention to details, such as: tailoring, style, color, details, etc.To ensure the quality and version of the underwear, to ensure comfort and aesthetics.

Selection of accessories

The heroine can also increase the overall temperament and beauty according to some sexy accessories, such as high heels, lace gloves, etc.


The hostess needs to pay attention to the way of wearing underwear and connect the entire shape.Pay attention to details, especially refined and flat embroidery.To determine whether the underwear is comfortable and close.It is best to try it on in advance to confirm whether it meets the body and taste needs.

Underwear routine

In addition to the method of wearing underwear, the heroine also needs to learn some underwear routines, such as how to use underwear to create a romantic atmosphere and how to flirt with underwear.

Wearing a sexy underwear and the male lead in close contact with the male lead

The heroine wears sexy sexy underwear, contacts the male lead intimately, and enjoy a beautiful night.This can not only increase the taste of the two, but also increase the heroine’s self -confidence and charm.


Choosing the right sexy underwear is very important for the female lead, because this will affect the effect of the entire shape.The heroine needs to understand her body, choose the right style according to the taste of the male lead, and pay attention to the details of the details and accessories.Put on sexy underwear and enjoy a beautiful night.

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