SM sex underwear open crotch set

SM sex underwear open crotch set

SM sex underwear open crotch set: choice of liberating hands

1. What is SM sexy underwear open crotch set

SM sex underwear open crotch set is a sexy sexy underwear, which has a unique design.Compared with traditional underwear, it is an open -crotch -free underwear, which is composed of multiple components, which aims to stimulate the balance of emotion and sexual desire.

2. The types and styles of the open crotch set

SM sex underwear open crotch set includes different styles and colors.There are many colors to choose from, such as black, red, pink and purple, ball buckles and chains can also be pure metal or metal alloys.The types of open crotch sets are not the same. There are many ways such as tie rope, handcuffs, and aes, which can be selected according to personal preference.The design is very unique and unable to stop.

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3. The sexy charm of the open crotch set

The unique design and novel style of SM sex lingerie open crotch set means that it will add sexy and irritating in many cases.It can not only be used in bed, but also wear on role -playing, party, etc., which can strengthen the trust and intimacy between people, increase interest and fun.

4. How to wear the open crotch set

If you want to put on a SM sex underwear open crotch suit, you need to read the product description carefully and pay attention to the details.Correctly wearing methods is the key, otherwise it may destroy the feeling and effect of trying to achieve.It is generally recommended to apply a layer of lubricant on the skin, which can reduce damage to the skin and make the experience more comfortable.

5. The material selection of the open crotch set

For the choice of SM sexy underwear open crotch set, material is a vital consideration.The material should be good, soft, smooth and low -sensitive.It is best to choose the soft satin that does not scratch the skin, silk, cotton and other materials can also be used for production.

6. Maintenance of open crotch set

Because SM sexy underwear open crotch set is a very special underwear, it is necessary to clean and maintain carefully and carefully.You can use hand washing or soft washing machine program.But do not use bleach and dryer to clean and dry.It is recommended to wash separately when washing.

7. Precautions for the use of open crotch set


It is recommended to make psychological and physiological preparations before use, and ensure that the appropriate location is selected under the situation of the situation.Don’t forget safety and mutual respect at any time.If pain or discomfort occurs, stop using immediately.

8. Variable designs of open crotch set

In addition to its unique design, SM sexy underwear open crotch sleeves are also variable design.You can choose different styles, colors, materials, and additional accessories to customize personalized underwear to increase the space for creativity.

9. The value of the open crotch set

SM sex underwear open crotch set is not just a simply stirring desire or experience.It can increase the communication, trust, respect and excitement between people, and help deepen the feelings and understanding of each other.The experience of this cannot be described in language, which is its most important value.

10. Summary

SM sex underwear open crotch set is a sexy, excited sexy underwear, which aims to increase interest and fun.Through seriously wearing and maintenance, respect for security and mutual respect, it will bring you a lot of unimaginable wonderful experiences and unexpected joy.So why dare not try it and turn on another way of life?