Ancient prostitute’s sexy underwear

Ancient prostitute's sexy underwear

Ancient prostitute’s sexy underwear

Ancient prostitutes emphasized guests, so they often wore sexy sexy underwear.These underwear are diverse and full of charming charm, enough to make anyone feel excited.Let’s take a look at the sexy underwear of ancient prostitutes.


Bid chest is one of the underwear often worn by ancient prostitutes. As the name suggests, it is a kind of clothes that are close to the chest. It can "beaches" tightly together to make the chest fuller and full.Some bouquets also have suspenders, which can be used with other sexy underwear.


Lace Harness Teddy Bodysuit – 14717

The suspender vest is similar to the current suspender top. It is a very basic sexy underwear. It is fashionable to wear inside or outside.Ancient prostitute often wore this underwear, and paired with more decorative corsets and skirts to make them look more sexy and more enchanting.

Beaded corset

Ancient prostitutes like to set pearls, gems and metals on the bellybands, corsets, chest straps and other underwear, which can better show their unique style.The texture of inlaid corset can be satin, silk, sequins, etc., so that people can feel the luxury of the underwear visually.

Three -point

The three -point style is a very classic sexy underwear. It is composed of top and lower, and only one exquisite thin belt is connected in the middle.Ancient prostitutes like the design of this underwear, because it can perfectly show the curve of the chest and hips, leaving an unforgettable impression.


Cheongsam is a traditional Chinese clothing. Its version is tight, which is especially suitable for showing women’s figure curves.Ancient prostitutes often wear this kind of sexy underwear with Chinese style, which highlights her beauty and charm.

Stunned belly

The bellyband is one of the most common underwear in ancient prostitutes. At that time, the bellyband design focused on details and techniques, such as metal lace, lace and pendant beads.The glamorous bellyband often shows the charm and sexy of prostitutes through exquisite embroidery and design.


Enchanting perspective

Perspective outfits are a very popular sexy underwear in recent years. The principle is to use transparent materials to show the outline of the prostitute’s body, but only expose a part of the skin, making people feel a sense of mystery and reverie.This underwear style was also very popular in ancient times.

Black mix

Ancient prostitutes not only paid attention to the style of underwear, but also paid attention to matching. They often wore black stockings and sexy high -heeled shoes.Black mix socks can make the leg lines more slender, and also reveal the unique personality and life atmosphere of prostitutes.

Gem belt

The gem belt is a very favorite accessories for ancient prostitutes. Its style is very diverse. There are some belts in inlaid with metal, jewelry, gemstones, etc., which highlights their identity and level.The existence of the belt can make the curve of the prostitute more wonderful and unforgettable.

in conclusion

Although ancient prostitutes had passed many years, their sexy underwear still impressed people.From beam to gem belts, each underwear style shows the unique charm, sexy and charm of ancient prostitutes.Modern sexy underwear also has different styles and styles, but the underwear design of ancient prostitutes provides us with a very good inspiration.