Sexy underwear open gear perspective three -point style

Sexy underwear open gear perspective three -point style

What is the three -point erotic underwear?

The three -point erotic underwear with the opening and perspective is a specially designed sexy underwear. It is characterized by the bras, thongs, and socks of socks.Adopting the opening design, its design concept is to add sexy and seductive atmosphere, making couples more exciting and exciting at intimate moments.

Open File Perspective Three -Point Sexy underwear Style

There are many styles of three -point sexy underwear, which are common in the following categories:

The front -open style: The bras of the bra and thong are obviously sutured at the hem of the thong, which is more obvious and intuitive.

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The back -up format: The back of the bra and the back of the thong are sutured, which is more hidden and mysterious.

Side -opening style: bra and thongs are sutured on the side of the side, which is more beautiful and decent.

Open the file style: The bra and thongs are sutured at the hem of the thong, which is more natural and comfortable.

Open Perspective Three -Point Sexy Underwear Practice

The method of wearing a three -point erotic underwear in the open -stall perspective needs special attention. The general standard is to wear thongs on the pelvis to separate the erotic underwear at the lower body and the upper body clothes to avoid the appearance of insignificance.Of course, more importantly, while wearing sexy underwear, it also needs to be matched with sexy high heels and other makeup accessories to achieve a more perfect matching effect.

The material of the three -point erotic underwear for the opening of the file

In terms of materials, the three -point sexy underwear is generally selected for lace and gauze of transparent, hollow, lace and other details; or use shiny sequined fabrics, patent leather, PU and other materials to make it more luxurious and sexy and eye -catching.

Open File Perspective Three -Point Sexy Underwear Matching method

There are many ways to match the three -point sexy underwear, for example: with transparent or solid -colored lace shawls, make the skin present a tender and charming characteristics; or with leather beam, fur jacket, etc.Feel.


Suggestions for the purchase of three -point erotic underwear

To buy any sexy underwear, it is recommended to first find the size of the size of your body and the advertising certification of Taobao’s medical and safety materials. When choosing, you should avoid choosing a style with too deep colors or too colorful colors.Consider tie your hair, put on alternative high heels, or decorate with metal texture in a prominent place such as neck and collarbone, and you can even try gorgeous eye makeup.

The maintenance method of the three -point sexy lingerie of the perspective

Three -point sexy underwear should be washed by hand, avoiding high -intensity cleaner or too hot water. Do not let it dry naturally. It should be hung in a ventilated and dry place to prevent deformation and damage.In addition, a storage bag with high -level sexy underwear is also very necessary. It can avoid long -term stacking and keep cleaning.

Applicable crowd of the three -point erotic underwear for the opening of the file

Three -point erotic underwear is not necessarily suitable for all people. Women who pay attention to the concepts of weight control, self -confidence for their own shape, and sexy are more likely to accept this kind of sexy underwear. It is naturally a more secure way to choose a style suitable for your skin tone and temperament.Essence

A suitable occasion for the three -point sex lingerie of the perspective

Three -point sexy underwear is generally suitable for being worn in intimate occasions, love moments, long vacations or vacations, and balconies. If women who like to exercise, you can also wear this sexy underwear in the gym and running venues to inspire yourself.

Open File Perspective Three -Point Sexy Underwear Conclusion

Among all the types of erotic underwear, the three -point sexy underwear of the opening and perspective is undoubtedly one of the most active and popular styles. At the same time, the method and special design of this kind of erotic underwear are to make sexual life more exciting and more experimental.The essence is to maintain the love and emotional path between couples, so it is worthy of everyone to experience and try.