Sexy underwear of men and women

Sexy underwear of men and women

Sexy underwear of men and women

Interest underwear is a must -have for adding fun and mobilizing emotions, and men and women do not have their unique needs and preferences when choosing sexy underwear.This article will introduce the classification and use of sexy underwear and use of men and women in detail.

1. Women’s erotic underwear

Women’s sexy underwear is an important alternative to improving sexuality and charm.Women’s erotic lingerie has a variety of styles, and different materials, design, and functions are different.

1. Sexy lace sexy underwear

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Sexy lace sexy underwear is one of the most popular sexy underwear for women. Lace design adds women’s charming and sexy, and also comfortable and soft.

2. Type net sex lingerie

The tulle net has a high transparency of the transparentness of the underwear, which can enhance the artistic conception and hint, and it is definitely a weapon that attracts male attention.

3. Broadband sex panties

Broadband sex underwear is a choice of women’s hygiene, health, and sexy.Its main role is comfort, stability, and locking, showing the graceful figure of women.

Second, men’s sexy underwear

Men’s sexy underwear has a variety of shapes and novel designs, so that men have been protected and improved to varying degrees of sexy and health.

1. Through pants sexy panties

Through pants sexy underwear is one of the unique sexy underwear for men. It can fully show the character and individual characteristics of men, but pay attention to moderate to avoid affecting normal exercise and life.

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2. Men’s lace sexy underwear

Men’s lace sexy underwear is another strange sexy underwear type, with sexy and charming characteristics, suitable for men with challenging and adventurous spirit.

3. Air cushion sex panties

The air cushion erotic underwear is a special choice of men, which can play a role in enhancing body and improving imagination.Regular replacement of air cushion elements can ensure health and safety.

Third, common problems

There are some common problems when choosing sexy underwear, such as model size, material quality, cleaning maintenance and other issues.

1. Model size

The size of the sexy underwear type is different from ordinary underwear, especially pay attention to the key sizes such as waist circumference and hip circumference.

2. Material advantages and disadvantages

Interesting underwear is preferably soft and breathable, and it is necessary to pay attention to whether it is too thin, transparent and durable.

3. Clean maintenance

The daily maintenance of sexy underwear is very important, which can improve the service life and use effect.Pay attention to the different ways of washing the sexy underwear of different materials.

in conclusion:

Interest underwear is a necessity to increase sexual interest and stimulate emotion. Women’s sexy underwear is relatively wide, and men’s sexy lingerie is mostly based on personality and health protection.When choosing, pay attention to the size of the type, the quality of the material, and the cleaning and maintenance.