Men play SM sex underwear with you

Men play SM sex underwear with you

With the warming of a series of sexual relationships, sexy underwear has increasingly entered our lives.A sex game is SM game, that is, sexual abuse and abuse.In this game, sexy underwear played auxiliary role, promoting the owner’s rule and the obedience of the maid.This article will introduce you to how to make men more excited in SM games and suggestions for choice of different erotic underwear.

1. Basic principles of SM

In SM games, there are two basic characters-masters and maids.The owner should play the role of actual controller, and the maid should obey and accept the rule.One thing to pay attention to here is that the maid must voluntarily participate in this game instead of being forced.The process of SM games should be negotiated with each other, fully respects the feelings of the maid, and must not harm it.In this game, sexy underwear often plays a corresponding role.

2. How to choose sexy underwear

Choosing the right sexy underwear is very important for SM games.First, you should first understand the size and personal style of the maid.Small underwear, lace lace and handcuffs are common SM game props.There are also many sexy underwear such as silver bite ring, dog chain, milk hook.When choosing a sexy underwear, you should choose the right color (dark or dark to create an atmosphere of abstinence) and panties (open crotch or virgin underwear, etc.) according to the scene.

3. neckline

The neckline of sexy underwear is also very important.Most of the finished underwear products have a relatively small neckline to show the maid’s collarbone and neck.However, in the SM game, the size and shape of the neckline need to be based on the scene, and sometimes even add chains and silver rings to enhance the domination content.

4. Eye mask

A eye mask can greatly stimulate the maid’s sensory, because they cannot obtain control of each action through vision.At this time, the owner can let the maid feel in secret, make her feel better and be more likely to be abused.In addition, when the maid is not visually visually, the owner can play more freely

5. Handcuffs and footcuffers

Handcuffs and foot handcuffs are a prop for the owner to tie the maid.This kind of prop can make the maid unable to move freely, which makes the feel of SM games more real and passionate.At the same time, this also made the maid feel the true control of the owner in the scene.By correcting and using the props such as handcuffs and foot handcuffs, the atmosphere of the entire game will be greatly activated to improve the fun and fun of the game.

6. Sofa

In SM games, the sofa is a very important prop.It can be a comfortable part or the main game path between the owner and the maid, so that the owner’s control and domination of the maid.The well -designed sofa will even be equipped with various attachments, from counterfeit penis to two clips to meet all the needs of a complete SM game.

7. Fake penis

The use of fake penis occupies an important position in SM games, mainly used to expand the sensory scope of maids and increase its sense of domination with the owner.Before taking off, wash the dildo and apply the lubricant by yourself, you and yourself.However, if you need to use a dildo to abuse or give soothing measures to other people, you must be equipped with a cleaning tool to pay attention to hygiene when using.

8. Jr.

Under normal circumstances, the room will be equipped with a bed or juicer, which can clamp the women’s nipples and cause pleasure or mild pain.This is a very important prop in SM games, mainly to enhance the atmosphere of the scene and allow the maid to better feel the domination and domination of the owner.Before using the juicer, please confirm the degree of acceptance of the maid.

9. Feather

Feather is a very passionate SM game prop. It does not need too much physical contact to make your sensory great stimulation.When using feathers, the owner can wipe him along the maid’s body, bringing a small pleasure, so that she will invest in deeper and stronger fun.

10. Summary

In SM games, the choice of sexy underwear is very important.When traveling to the store, pay attention to the correct selection of size and style to provide the maximum enjoyment experience.By selecting and effective use of various sexy underwear, and various other SM game props, the entire atmosphere and fun of SM games can be brought to a new height.

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