The name of prosperous business sexy underwear shop

The name of prosperous business sexy underwear shop


Do you want to have a sexy underwear shop, but you don’t know how to name it?The name is the first business card of the shop, which determines the image and attractiveness of the store.This article will introduce you to the naming skills of some sexy underwear stores and some innovation inspiration.

Speaker of sexy atmosphere

Interest underwear has sexy qualities, and the sexy vocabulary in the store is full of interest.For example, "dating lover", "erotic paradise", "sexy honey", "strawberry night" and so on.

Playing dreams and suspense

The name of the store can create a dreamy atmosphere, such as "Fantasy Garden", "Fantasy Island", "Suspense Shop" and so on.The naming of walking between reality and dreams can not only attract attention, but also make customers addicted to it.

Drive the characteristics of the store

Drive specific selling points through the name of the store, emphasizing uniqueness and innovation.For example, "temptation", "orange mood", "sexy pattern", and "little butterfly" convey the unique design and selling points in the store.

Combined with urban cultural characteristics

Choosing a store name combined with urban culture is often more easily accepted and caused more curious eyes.For example, opening a store in Changsha, choose "the source of oranges", "Xiang Qingyuan", open a store in Hangzhou, choose "Lingyin Wonderland", "West Lake Love" and so on.

Simple, easy to remember

Simple and memorable store names can increase the brand’s awareness, such as "flowers and green", "wardrobe", "Su Xin", "Monet". These store names are not only easy to memory, but also easy to be identified and promoted by search engines.


Adapted buzzwords or network terms into shop names, closer to the sense of distance from young people.For example, "Liver Emperor Private Clothing" and "chasing waves handmade underwear" allows the store name to show personalized identification signs and better marketing.


Successful store names can not only attract people’s eyeballs, but also inject vitality, create new topics into the brand, and make consumers more memories and feelings of buying shops.A good store name is the foundation for the business to carry out a good business, let alone a sex linger shop?

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