Zheng Shuang sexy underwear advertisement video download

Zheng Shuang’s sexy underwear ads set off controversy

Recently, a sexy underwear advertisement video endorsed by Zheng Shuang has spread on the Internet, which has attracted widespread attention and controversy.Among them, the main dispute is whether the content of the advertisement is suitable and whether it is suitable for the audience to watch.Next, we will analyze and evaluate this from several aspects.

Advertising content is sensational

It can be seen from the advertisement video that the content of the advertisement is sensational and indecent, creating some excessively exposed pictures, which can easily give people a feeling of adverse thoughts.This is one of the main questions about the content of the advertisement.

Sexy elements are too prominent

Falling underwear can be seen from its degree of sexy, but the advertisement has too much sexy elements, giving many audiences a feeling of too irritating and discomfort.Many people think that this excessive advertising method is not good for social atmosphere.

The spokesperson chooses improperly

As a public figure, Zheng Shuang has a demonstration role in the audience.However, the endorsement of the endorsement underwear advertisement has caused many people to doubt and disappoint her image, words and deeds, and believe that she should not do such behavior violations of social morality.

Business behavior violations

From a business perspective, whether the promotion of sex underwear advertisements is a question of whether it is illegal.Some audiences have even discovered that there are many problems in the promotion of this advertisement, which makes people have a lot of questions.Therefore, many people believe that in business activities, we must comply with relevant laws and regulations to regulate their behavior.

Advertising manufacturing disgusting emotions

Although the sensation of this advertisement is very high, the emotions created are not healthy. Instead, many audiences have a disgusted emotion and negative evaluation, which is not good for the effect of advertising.

Appropriateness is not strong

It can be seen from the comments on Weibo and online forums that many people think that the advertisement has certain sensational characteristics, but it is not suitable for all audiences to watch.Therefore, it is necessary to make appropriate restrictions and management of the content and publicity methods of advertising.

Advertising language is indecent

In addition to the advertising content is too sensational, the advertising language has also been criticized by many audiences.Some audiences believe that the language of advertising is too explicit and violates social morality, so they should also get enough attention and criticism.

Moderate sexy underwear advertisements are normal

In short, in order to maintain social morality, we cannot blindly chase economic interests and ignore morality and people’s feelings.Moderate erotic underwear advertisements are normal. Only in this way can we get the recognition and support of more people.Therefore, in the advertisement of sexy underwear, we must pay attention to adaptability, strengthen restrictions and management, and make the advertising effect better.