Young women wear sexy underwear water spray novels

Young women wear sexy underwear water spray novels

As a special underwear category, sexy underwear has become more and more popular in recent years.Not only can you create a fun atmosphere, but you can also enhance the experience and pleasure of sex.For many young women, wearing sexy underwear is a way of flirting and teasing.Here, I will share the story of a young woman wearing a sexy underwear.

1. Color -lustered underwear

Xiaoli is a young woman who coexists in beauty and wisdom. She has always been a cheerful, kind and generous woman, but in terms of sex, she is more willing to try some fresh and exciting experiences.Occasionally, she saw a black lace hollow sexy underwear in the sex store, and she was excited, so she bought it without hesitation.

2. Same sense of pleasure

After Xiaoli returned home, she immediately changed into this set of sexy underwear, feeling soft and tight.She put herself into the man in her arms and poured it to the bed, began to flirt and show her body.Feeling a man’s caress, Xiaoli also began to feel the hot and humid body of the body.

3. Heartbeat acceleration

The man put one hand into Xiaoli’s underwear and began to tease her sensitive part.Xiaoli began to become excited, and couldn’t help but pant.At this point, the man also moved his other hand to her chest.Xiaoli felt the touch of the man’s fingers on his nipple, and the whole person began to become crazy.

4. Passion overflow

In the case of accelerated heartbeat, Xiaoli felt that her legs began to paralyze, and a strong pleasure rushed to her heart, and the whole person seemed to turn into water, and she burst into passion on the bed.

5. The ultimate experience of surprise

Just as Xiaoli thought she couldn’t have more pleasure, she felt that her lower body was much wet, and it seemed that there were some liquid spraying from the body.Xiaoli felt unprecedentedly comfortable and happy, and successfully achieved its own peak experience.

6. The charm of underwear

In the process of exciting sex, Xiaoli successfully used sexy underwear to create a romantic and mysterious atmosphere, and used the role of underwear to strengthen the sexual experience.This also makes her more love and obsession with this underwear.

7. Sex underwear becomes fashionable

In recent years, sexy underwear has been recognized in the domestic market.Many people are willing to wear sexy underwear to increase their sexual attractiveness and sexual experience in their usual life.This has gradually transformed sexy underwear into a fashion representative.

8. Don’t rely too much on sexy underwear

However, even if the sexy underwear is more beautiful and mysterious, it cannot be the whole of sex.In sex, people should pay more attention to the emotional communication and physical interaction between each other, rather than blindly relying on a certain way to please themselves and each other.Interest underwear is only a kind of auxiliary tool in the process of sex, and should be used moderately rather than excessive dependence.

in conclusion

Using sexy underwear in sex can increase our expectations and excitement for sex.However, we should also pay attention not to rely on this tool excessively, but to achieve high -quality sex experience based on the emotional basis between each other.

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