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brand introduction is one of the largest sexy underwear websites in China. Its brand covers multiple series. From sexual erotic lingerie to daily home clothing, it covers different occasions and needs.The F -Cup series is a unique series under its own, which has been welcomed by many consumers.

design concept

The design concept of the F cup series is to highlight the beauty of women, creating a wearing experience full of imagination and sexy charm for women.It is characterized by its body, highlighting the shape, showing women’s figure curve, so that women can show themselves more confidently when wearing.

Fabric material

The F cup series uses high -quality fabrics, mainly lace, silk and elastic fiber.These materials are soft and comfortable, not only comfortable, but also more fit in the body after wearing, making people feel comfortable.In addition, their breathability and perspiration are also very good, even if we wear it for a long time, they will not look humid or impermeable.

Style classification

The style classification of the F cup series is very rich, including a variety of different design styles.The most popular styles include suspenders, lace three -point, hollow and diamond -mosaic type.


The F cup series is suitable for wearing on many different occasions, such as party, nightclub, home and dating after returning home.At these times, you can wear them to show your most beautiful side, which is impressive.

Matching skills

When wearing a Full Cup series of sexy underwear, matching is a very important part.The best matching solution is to match feminine elements such as high heels, red lips and nail polish, so that the whole person looks more fashionable, gorgeous and charming.


Maintenance is the key to extend the life of sexy underwear.For the Full Cup series of sexy underwear, it is best to clean it by hand washing.At the same time, do not use bleach, powerful laundry powder and other materials for cleaning to avoid damage to fabrics.

Advantages and disadvantages

As a sexual relationship, the obvious advantages of the F -Cup series are the appearance, sexy, and improving women’s figure. It is a underwear that is very suitable for women to show their charm.The disadvantage is that it may not be applicable for women with smaller breasts. At the same time, they may be uncomfortable to wear, and people with sensitive skin may be a bit stimulating.


The F cup series is a very cost -effective sexy underwear, which is a very good choice for people who want to buy high cost -effective sexy underwear.At the same time, it is best to choose regular channels when buying, so as not to buy fakes or inappropriate products that are not suitable for your own.


In general, the F -cover series is a sexual and erotic lingerie suitable for women. It is a product that many women show their charm.

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