You can eat candy sex underwear pants

Introduce sexy underwear series

Interest underwear is a underwear suite that can enhance sexual life and irritating sexual desire.They are usually made of different materials, such as mesh, leather, silk and lace.And various flavors of candy sex underwear is a new thing in the sex lingerie series.

Candy erotic underwear material

Candy erotic underwear is usually made of good foods, if juice, candy and jelly.A variety of materials of candy sexy underwear are available, including oil, granular and plate -like.These unique materials bring a different taste experience.

Candy erotic underwear edibleness

Candy erotic underwear is designed as edible.This means that you can enjoy the fun of candy and sexy underwear in the process of sex, including tasting and licking kisses.If you are allergic to candy or have health problems such as diabetes, please consult your doctor before eating.In addition, candy erotic underwear is not suitable for long -term or reuse.

The size and color of the candy sex lingerie

Candy erotic underwear usually has multiple colors and size to choose from, such as red, green, yellow and pink.They can also be sold in different shapes, such as heart shape, circular and square.The size of the sexy underwear is universal and suitable for the body of most people.

Buy candy and sexy jacket

Candy erotic underwear can be purchased in adult supplies shops or sex stores.Its price varies from factors such as brands and quality.Please make sure you buy the quality and safety of the sexy underwear. Please consult the salesperson before buying to understand whether these sexy underwear is suitable for your instructions and precautions.

Use of candy sex underwear

Candy erotic underwear is designed for fun, so please make sure that you and your partner are legal and voluntary participants in sex.Make sure your candy sexy underwear is suitable for your health status of you and your partner.You should first understand the instructions and precautions before use.

Cleaning of candy sex underwear

Cleaning sex underwear is crucial.Candy erotic underwear can be cleaned gently under cold water. Do not use washing machines to avoid condivilities from dissolving and deformation.After cleaning, let them dry in the air for a while.Avoid contact with moisture and humid environment when using and storage of candy -making underwear.

Storage of candy erotic underwear

Storage of sexy underwear is important for extending their life and maintaining their shapes and colors.It is recommended to keep the candy sexy underwear in a cool and dry place to avoid direct sunlight and contact with water.Put them in a jar to keep the original shape of the candy.

Candy sexy underwear cost -effective

Candy erotic underwear has attracted some consumers and fans of sexy toys.The price varies from brand, materials and quality.Compared with his sexy toys, the cost -effectiveness of candy and sexy underwear is not high, but it is a good choice for toys enthusiasts who want to experience different sensory stimuli.

my point of view

In general, although candy erotic underwear has personalized characteristics and taste enjoyment, when consumers buy, they need to pay attention to health issues and follow the rules of use and cleaning, and at the same time need to avoid excessive costs and reuse.

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