Yang Chenchen’s Infusion Underwear Office

Yang Chenchen’s Infusion Underwear Office

Yang Chenchen was celebrating her newly opened sexy underwear shop, and there was a new office in the city center.This office is much smaller than her, but now she only needs one place to arrange her job.A small room with a box, jacket and fabric, this space is almost worth mentioning compared to her shop.But Yang Chenchen urgently needed to make the office a place in line with her brand image.Next, I will introduce how Yang Chenchen creates a sexy and fashionable environment in her small office.

1. Facing wall -oriented layout

People are used to entering the door directly and seeing the room.And this small space is unavoidable to Yang Chenchen.She decided to put the desk on the front wall to balance the distribution of space.A colorful artistic painting is hung on the wall, which will immediately transform a boring office space into a comfortable and bright space.

2. Flower plants

Add plants in the office to make the air fresher and pleasant, and can add beauty to the office.When reading the magazine, Yang Chenchen found that in Europe, many fashion brands will place flowers in design shops without gardens.Therefore, she placed a pot of green plants and made the colorful perfume lily in the vase exuding aroma.

3. Beautiful decoration

In order to create an environment with a sense of fashion, it is essential to set up some exquisite decorations.Yang Chenchen hung some portraits on the wall, which made the office look more eye -catching and could also express her unique brand image.

4. Color matching

The color matching is to make the office vibrant and lively.Choose some dark and fashionable wallpaper and sofa to set off the products that need to be displayed in the office.Natural light and classic carpet provide the office with another texture and texture.

5. Audio with a business atmosphere

Yang Chenchen’s office requires a urban business atmosphere. Therefore, he chose a set of good quality of audio and let the smooth music moisturize all corners of the office.This music atmosphere can make a better state of creativity and mental state.

6. Clear and refreshing smell

An aroma that can create tempting is a necessity.Moreover, it can improve Yang Chenchen’s intelligence and work efficiency.She did not choose the standard candle fragrance.On the contrary, she lit a pot of extremely precious natural sandalwood in the office. This aroma can be detailed to an unimaginable level.

7. Intimate details

Details are the key to sexy lingerie shops, so the charm underwear will be displayed in front of them.These small details, such as curtain plugins and seat cushions, are carefully selected and designed by Yang Chenchen.

8. Useful furniture

Yang Chenchen’s small office does not have much space to accommodate scattered furniture.In order to ensure the comfort of the working environment, she placed a retractable carpet next to the table (the increased touch and texture is an extra element required for the office), and a storage can be used.Provide additional storage space.

9. Equipment and neat equipment

Although the founder and editor of the magazine emphasized that it was important to wear outside the office, Yang Chenchen, a merchant in the clothes, didn’t seem to care.She prefers durable and easy -to -wear clothing, and she only chooses some equipment she finds beautiful and stylish on special occasions.Pay attention to the cleanliness and casual placement in the workshop. It is a good habit to sorting it in time.

10. Some unique lifestyles

In order to create a social environment, Yang Chenchen provided tea in the office. She likes to make tea for her own tailor -made Tibetan red milk tea, and makes her office ushered in many visitors who love tea ceremony.


After analysis of Yang Chenchen’s office, we can see that the pursuit of texture and details is crucial for any company.Wise uses a small amount of manpower and simple items, which can make any small space a comfortable and creative environment.Similarly, this style is also very suitable for use in the sex underwear industry.

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