Women’s open stall transparent sexy underwear

Women’s open stall transparent sexy underwear

When women wear sexy underwear, they usually choose transparent or open styles. Especially transparent and open -stall sexy underwear are even more popular.Transparent sexy underwear can show the sexy of women, while the opening of the sexy underwear can increase the stimulus during sex.This article will explain the transparent erotic lingerie of women’s opening and how to achieve the best results when wearing.

Choose transparent materials

The key point of women’s transparent sexy underwear is transparent, so choosing materials is very important.Some common transparent materials include silk mesh, lace, mesh, and tulle.These materials have their advantages and disadvantages, and the specific choices should be based on personal aesthetics and comfort.


If you want to wear a woman’s transparent and sexy underwear, you should choose the color that is similar to your skin tone.This allows people to pay attention to the beauty of this underwear without having too much attention to the characters itself.

Pay attention to the details of all parts

Women’s opening transparent sexy underwear needs to be exquisitely designed in all details and key parts.Pay attention to the cover of the open part, the position of the folds, the design of the skirt, and the back structure of the back.The appropriate detail design can make the whole underwear more beautiful.

With the right panties

It is also very important to match women’s transparent sexy underwear.The style and material of the underwear must be able to match the underwear. At the same time, the color of the underwear should be matched with the underwear, so that the visual effect can be enhanced.

Proper exaggeration

Women’s opening transparent underwear can create bold and exaggerated effects in all aspects of color, pattern, and material.When wearing, you need to add sequins, diamonds, lace edges, etc., but you need to pay attention to excessive decoration that will be too exaggerated, which not only affects the beauty of the underwear, but also makes people feel uncomfortable.

Control wearing time

The wearing time of a woman’s transparent sexy underwear needs to be appropriately controlled because long -term wear will affect physical health.Try to choose to wear before sex, and change it in time after wearing.

Choose a style with high comfort

Although the design of women’s transparent and sexy underwear is mainly for visual effects, it must also take into account comfort.Choosing comfortable and fitting styles can make people wear more comfortable and make the visual effect more brilliant.


You can match accessories such as jewelry, stockings, but you need to pay attention to whether you can match the transparent sexy underwear with the female. At the same time, you should not be too fancy, otherwise it will affect the overall effect.

General point of view

Pay attention to the design, color matching, and comfort of wearing transparent sexy underwear in women. Proper matching accessories can also play a certain effect.The most important thing is that wearing women’s transparent sexy underwear needs to fully consider personal preference because this is a underwear worn by itself.

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