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Ladies’ sexy underwear types

Ladies’ sexy underwear is designed to add sexual interest. Wearing them can make women more charming and tempting.There are many types of underwear, the most common are bra, panties, stockings, slings, and fun.

Different occasions are suitable for different sexy underwear

When buying sexy underwear, women should choose appropriate styles and materials according to different occasions.For example, when used indoors, you can choose a comfortable and soft silk style, and you can selectively see sexy perspective styles when going out or dating.

Popular style choice

With the changes of the times and the continuous renewal of people’s aesthetic concepts, the popular styles of sexy underwear are constantly replacing.At present, the most popular styles include hollow, lace, perspective, etc. These styles can add more sexy charm to women.

How to choose a suitable size sex underwear

Choosing a suitable size underwear is important for wearers.If the underwear is too large or too small, it will not only affect the comfort of wearing, but also affect the use effect.When buying, you should choose the underwear that suits you according to your figure and size.

The skills of cleaning and maintaining sexy underwear

Cleaning and maintaining sexy underwear requires special skills.Different materials require different cleaning methods. Generally, hand -wash should be used with neutral cleaning agents and avoid exposure.In addition, pay attention to avoid damage to underwear when friction, such as avoiding machine washing or using soft agents.

Selection of the material and fabric of sex underwear

It is also the key to choosing the material and fabric of sexy underwear.High -quality materials and fabrics will not only make underwear more comfortable, but also make it more durable and add sexy effects wearing.Common fabrics include silk, lace, cotton, polyester fiber, etc.

The price range of sexy underwear

There is a big difference between different types of sexy underwear.From 100 yuan to thousands of yuan, choosing underwear suitable for your own budget and guaranteed quality is a wise choice.

Falling underwear wearing skills

It also requires some skills to wear sexy underwear.For example, with suitable clothing can increase the sexy degree of underwear, the correct method of dressing can also make underwear more comfortable and maintain good use effects.

Selection of sexy underwear body shaping effects

Some sexy underwear has a body -shaping effect, and after wearing, it can better show the beauty of women.However, when choosing a body -shaping effect, you should pay attention that you should choose the appropriate underwear according to your body and needs to avoid affecting the comfort of wearing.

Women’s psychological acquisition of sexy underwear

The process of wearing a sex lingerie can not only make women more confident and beautiful, but also bring more interests and interactions to the relationship between the sexes.Therefore, women can wear sexy underwear in appropriate circumstances to add their own charm.


Women’s erotic underwear is a clothing that can add sex and add a lot of color to personal image. As a woman, choosing the right sexy underwear not only needs to consider personal figures and temperament, but also consider practicality, cleaning and maintenance methods, and matching skillsEssenceI hope this article can provide some reference for women when choosing sexy underwear.

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