Women’s connective transparent sexy underwear

Women’s connective transparent sexy underwear

In sexy underwear, conjoined underwear is the category that can most interest.And the transparent material’s sexy underwear is one of the best. Whether it is the aesthetic requirements for women’s own aesthetic requirements or more deeper attraction to the partner, transparently has a very important position.So today, let’s take a look at the transparent and sexy underwear of women’s conjoined.

1. What is the transparent material

The transparent material refers to a type of material that can pass through. Common transparent materials include acrylic, plastic and other materials.In the field of erotic underwear, transparent materials are mainly materials such as lace, mesh, silk and other materials.

2. The design of transparent and more physical underwear

Transparent even body fun underwear usually uses lace, mesh and other materials, with elements such as back, straps, etc., so that it has both visual aesthetics and meets women’s demand for sexy and exposed.In addition, a conjoined design also allows underwear to better fit the body and highlight the beauty of women.

3. The style of transparent even body sex underwear

The transparent and colorful underwear is rich in color, including different styles such as V -neck, round neck, U -neck.In addition, some transparent even bodywear underwear is also equipped with lace, diamonds and other elements to make the whole gorgeous.

4. The color of transparent even physical sex underwear

The colors of transparent body fun underwear are generally black, white, and red. Different colors of underwear bring different atmosphere.Black underwear is more sexy and mysterious, while white underwear is more fresh and cute, while red underwear is more enthusiastic and passionate.


The transparent even body clothes are generally paired with skirts above the knee and knee, especially the long elegant skirt, which can highlight the beauty of the conjoined underwear.In addition, short skirts and hot pants are also good matching options.


Transparent even body fun underwear is suitable for wearing in a private scenario, such as the alone moment between couples and sex games.In these scenarios, transparent and more physical underwear can easily play sexual interest and inspire desire.

7. Transparent connection of physical sex underwear maintenance

Transparent even body fun underwear should be washed with cold water hands or professional dry cleaning to avoid being washed with other clothes.When drying, avoid direct contact with the sun and high temperature.

8. Buy the skills of transparent and more physical underwear

When buying transparent and more physical underwear, you need to choose the right underwear according to your body and color preferences. In addition, you must also buy products with reliable quality, soft fabric, and difficulty in deformation.


Transparent and physical sexy underwear is a sexy, gorgeous and performance sexy underwear, but pay attention to the application and maintenance methods of the occasion.Only by wearing in the right occasion and proper maintenance can transparent even show the most beautiful side.

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