Woman underwear to wear a chest sticker, male

Do you want to wear a chest sticker in sex underwear?Men should also care about this issue

For women, some small accessories on sexy underwear, such as chest stickers, shoulder straps, etc., will undoubtedly affect the effects of wearing. For men, is these small accessories on sex underwear really necessary?This article will be discussed in depth whether to wear a chest sticker when wearing a sexy lingerie.

1. What is the chest sticker of sexy underwear?

The chest sticker of sexy underwear is a small accessories that provide support, improve and enhance the visual effects for women’s breasts.Generally consisting of a layer of self -adhesive glue and a layer of adhesive tape. There is also a small cup on the tape. It can be pasted above the chest to the chest to effectively cover the nipples.Visual effect.

2. Advantages of chest stickers

1. Improvement effect: chest stickers can improve the chest, make the chest more upright and stylish;

2. Cover the nipples: chest stickers can cover the nipples and avoid the nipples from passion and fun underwear exposure;

3. Repeatable use: chest stickers can be repeatedly used repeatedly, as long as it is preserved properly, it can be used for many years;

4. More comfortable: no trace and painless, more comfortable to use.

3. Disadvantages of chest stickers

1. Not naturally: the materials and the attached parts of the sticker are not naturally not realistic;

2. Skin allergies: Because some people’s skin is too sensitive, it cannot withstand glue in the process of sticking the chest, which may cause allergies;

3. Extract quality: The material and quality of the chest stickers are uneven. Some brands of products may have unqualified problems and have certain risks for users’ physical health.

4. Do you need to wear a chest sticker?

From a practical point of view, whether the chest sticker that needs to be wearing a sexy lingerie depends entirely on personal needs.If you personally feel that the chest sticker can improve your chest effect and there is no problem of allergies and health risks, you can consider trying.However, if you personally think that the chest effect is perfect, or if you feel uncomfortable during the use of the chest sticker, you can choose not to use it.

5. How to choose chest stickers?

1. Materials: First of all, choose regular brands to ensure that the materials and quality used meet the standard requirements;

2. Personal needs: choose the size and needs that suits your chest, do not choose too large or too small chest stickers, otherwise the effect will be the opposite;

3. Repeated use: Choose a breast sticker with good quality and easy to clean and maintain, which can give full play to the service life of the items.

6. How to wear chest stickers?

1. Paste noodles cleaning: First of all, you must ensure that the chest is cleaned. Do not use any cosmetics and oil;

2. Find the position: After wearing a sexy underwear, find the chest position that suits you, and place a small cup of the chest to the nipple position;

3. Paste and fixing: Follow the outline of the chest, slowly paste the chest to the top of the chest by hand, pay attention to the overall effect of the chest sticker and the tightness of the sticker;

4. Checking effect: The line shape of the chest sticker follows the lines of the chest, to present a natural and perfect effect, avoid excessive looseness, and the edges of the chest sticker.

7. Maintenance method of chest stickers

1. Hygiene cleaning: First of all, you must ensure that the chest stickers are clean and clean. Do not mix with others. After each use, use a washing solution to clean it;

2. Dry and save: After cleaning, dry the chest paste and store it in a ventilated and dry place;

3. Microwave disinfection: regularly use a microwave disinfection to disinfect the chest, stay away from the fire source and high temperature.

8. Summary

Whether wearing a sexy underwear requires wearing a chest sticker completely depends on personal needs and choices.However, regardless of whether it is used or not, you need to choose the chest stickers that meet the standard requirements of regular brands and materials, and follow the correct methods and maintenance methods in order to better enjoy the visual and physical feelings brought by sexy underwear.

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