Wish platform sexy underwear


Wish is a shopping platform that many people know. It attracts many consumers at their favorite price, and sexy underwear is one of the major points.In this article, I will introduce to you to pay attention to buying sex underwear on the Wish platform, and some high -quality product recommendations.

Precautions before shopping

You need to pay special attention to buying sexy underwear on the Wish platform. You must choose the goods carefully. The following are some matters that you need to pay attention to before shopping.

Product quality: Be careful to check the evaluation of the product before buying, and try to choose the evaluated products.In addition, the quality may not be very good, so be careful.

Size selection: Interesting underwear pays great attention to the size selection. It is recommended to measure your physical data first, and then choose according to the size table.However, it is still necessary to pay attention to some manufacturers’ sizes that are not fully in line with domestic standards. It is best to ask customer service before buying.

Appearance material: Interesting underwear is usually made of high -bullets, slender fabrics. In order to ensure comfort and safety, you must choose products with high materials.

Brand recommendation

On the Wish platform, there are a lot of sexy lingerie brands worth recommending. The following is a few brands that I feel better.

Fashion Plus

Fashion Plus is a very popular sexy underwear brand in the international market. Its product styles are very diverse and very sexy, affordable, excellent quality, and fast logistics.


JerrisApparel is a brand focusing on women’s sexy and charming style. The product has a novel product style, diverse in color, and very sexy. At the same time, there are many practical products, which are well received.But it should be noted that the brand size feels a little smaller, so be sure to pay attention before buying.


The Magichome brand has produced many unique styles and loved underwear that is loved by consumers. In addition, he has some special materials, which are very breathable and comfortable.

Classified explanation

Sexy underwear has many categories on the Wish platform, let’s see the specific situation of these categories.

Lian Zaiyou

Even the physical fun clothing is generally overall, with a variety of types such as long sleeves, sleevelessness, and ultra -short models. It is quite unique in style. It is very wild and charming in use.

Sex hanging strap

Interesting socks are common styles in sexy underwear. Whether it is skirts or tight pants, it is indispensable for women who want to show beautiful legs. There are various ways to wear and take off and fixed.These beautiful items.

Interesting stockings

Due to its personalization and vitality, sexy stockings are typical representatives of sexy underwear. There are fish mesh, semi -net eye pattern and other styles, showing iconic sexy and wild nature, which is very suitable for the flirting and fun play between couples and husbands.


When buying sexy underwear, the following tips can help you.

anonymous purchase

If you want to protect your privacy, you can choose to buy anonymous.The Wish platform supports anonymous purchase, as long as you check "anonymous purchase" when placing an order.

Favorite Product

If you see good -looking products, but do not intend to buy it immediately or fail to buy it successfully, you can choose to collect the product.In this way, you can easily find it in the future.

Reminder of price reduction

If you want to buy a product, but the price is a bit expensive, you can choose to set up the price reduction reminder.In this way, when the price of goods declines, you will receive the corresponding notice.


The sexy underwear on the Wish platform is very rich and diverse, but it also needs to pay attention to the quality, size selection and appearance material of the product.At the same time, many fun underwear brands are recommended, and they need to be carefully selected before buying.I hope everyone can buy satisfactory sexy underwear on the Wish platform.

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