Will the airport check the sexy underwear?

1 Introduction

Regarding whether the airport will check the sexy underwear carried by passengers, it has always been a question that has attracted much attention.After all, carrying sex underwear is the freedom of everyone, but under special circumstances, do you need to pay attention?This article will analyze this problem from multiple aspects.

2. Airport security process process

The airport security process includes a number of security measures such as X -ray scanning, metal detector, handheld metal detector, and liquid detector.

3. The material and ingredients of sexy underwear

The material and ingredients of sexy underwear include a variety of fiber and chemicals, such as polyester fiber, nylon fiber, elastic fiber, and electric fiber, and also have high privacy.

4. Whether the airport will check sex underwear

According to airport security checks, sexy underwear can be carried on the plane, but it should be noted that if you have metal or liquid on the sexy underwear you carry, it may be asked to be opened by the airport security personnel for security inspection.

5. The attitude of security inspection personnel

Airport security personnel are usually very professional and dedicated, and their duties are to ensure the safety of all passengers.If the sexy underwear you carry has attracted the attention of the airport security inspection personnel, they may ask you to open it for inspection, and the specific situation may need to be determined according to the situation at the time.

6. How to hide sexy underwear

If you want to avoid attracted the attention of airport security inspectors, you can try to put sex underwear at the bottom or carton of the suitcase. This advantage is that it can effectively hide it.

7. Prepare instructions in advance

If you can’t avoid airport security personnel to check your sexy underwear, you can make full preparations in advance, such as placing sexy underwear in a special plastic bag, which says "private items, don’t move" and other descriptions.

8. The influence of wearing sexy underwear boarding plane

If you are wearing a sexy underwear and attracted the attention of airport security personnel, then you need to pay attention at this time, because this may require you to perform stricter inspections, and may even affect your itinerary and mood.

9. Summary

Will the airport check sex underwear?The answer is possible, but the specific situation needs to be determined based on the security situation at the time and the attitude of the airport security personnel.

10. Conclusion

For passengers carrying erotic underwear, it is best to be "low -key" during airport security inspection. Try to avoid attracting the attention of security inspection personnel.Can.

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