Why not sell sexy underwear

Why not sell sexy underwear?

With the gradual opening of people’s concepts and sexual culture, sexy underwear, as a fashion concept of leading sex, is also more and more loved by female friends.However, people find that sexy underwear cannot be freely traded in many places, so why not sell sexy underwear?

1. Cause adverse morality

Some conservative people believe that sexy underwear is a bad sexual product.They believe that buying and using sexy underwear can cause improper sexual problems, and inevitably lead to bad morality.

2. Destroy public ethics

Some people think that the open sales of sexy underwear may destroy public ethics.In some communities and countries’ laws, sexy underwear is considered to be a product that causes potential threats in public ethics, ethics and customs.

3. Protection of adolescent

Interest underwear is considered to be a very sexual hint and sexual temptation. It will have a great impact on teenagers and give them a certain degree of wrong sexual concepts.Therefore, in order to protect the physical and mental health of young people, strict measures have taken strict measures to limit the listing of sexy underwear.

4. Not in line with national cultural traditions

Many countries have a negative attitude towards the sales and use of sexy underwear. They believe that the sales and use of this product do not match the moral level required by their cultural traditions and moral norms.

5. Opposition liberation

Some people are opposed to sex.They believe that sexy underwear is an irresponsible sex culture that will become an infinite limit of sexual liberation, so it is necessary to prohibit sales.

6. Insufficient productivity

In some areas, sexy underwear is a product with low productivity maturity. The sexy underwear at different quality levels has poor control over quality and effect, and it is difficult to get consumers recognized and trust.

7. Misidity of media propaganda

Sex underwear is often broadcast and media broadcasts with its radical and ideological irritation.This too radical publicity can easily touch the bottom line of advertising moral standards, and does not meet the relevant regulations and systems of government and social managers.

8. Maintain family harmony

The production and sales of sexy underwear will affect the traditional family harmony to a certain extent. Therefore, in terms of management of sexy underwear, localities also need to pay special attention to the cultural background of the harmony of the family.

These factors have caused erotic underwear to be sold freely, but with the continuous deepening of social culture, the use and sales of sexy underwear have become the contemporary fashion of many people.Limiting the sales of sexy underwear cannot prevent it from the rise of society, culture, and fashion.We should maintain the correct view and attitude towards sexy underwear, which helps us better geographically solve the sex culture behind the sexy underwear.

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