Wife’s sexy underwear original Chitose Thunder

Wife sex underwear-former Chitose Thunder


Wife’s sexy underwear is a kind of sexy underwear that has been particularly popular in recent years.It can not only satisfy women’s pursuit of sexy, but also satisfy men’s psychological stimulus.The former Chitose Thunder is one of the professional brands in this field, providing a series of elegant design of wife’s sexy lingerie.

Common style

Common styles of women’s sexy underwear include loading, hollowing out, bellyband, etc.Among them, even the body is usually one of the most popular styles. It can effectively show the perfect figure of women and add sexy charm.The hollow outfit and bellyband installation is more suitable for women who like to challenge, because these styles are more explicit and more teasing.

material selection

For the production materials of wife’s sexy underwear, soft, comfortable and elastic fabrics are usually used.These materials can be close to women’s body curves and show the beautiful figure of women.In addition, the fabric must have a certain breathability to avoid discomfort caused by too sultry.

Selection of color

The color choice of the wife’s sex lingerie is also very important.Under normal circumstances, black, red, and pink are more popular colors, and these colors can add sexy and charm of women.In addition, the choice of color can also be different due to different occasions. For example, you can choose a darker color when wearing on the bed, and you can choose a brighter color when you wear it outdoors.

size selection

It is also important to choose the right size when buying a wife’s sexy underwear.If you choose too much size, it is easy to lose beauty; and if you choose a small size, it will cause uncomfortable.Therefore, it is recommended that women first measure the size when buying, and then select the appropriate size according to the brand’s size table.

Choice of accessories

In order to better show the characteristics of his wife’s sexy underwear, the choice of accessories is also essential.According to personal hobbies and occasions, you can choose different accessories, such as earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and high heels.These accessories can make the entire match more perfect, showing women’s nobleness and elegance.

Wearing occasion

Wife’s sexy underwear is also a problem that needs to be considered.Under normal circumstances, this underwear is suitable for being worn on the life, romantic date, and sexual elite.In formal occasions or work occasions, it is not suitable to wear.


You need to pay attention to some matters when maintaining your wife’s sexy underwear.First of all, do not use the washing machine to clean it. You should wash it by hand, use a neutral detergent, and do not soak for too long.Secondly, the sun should also be avoided when drying, but to choose to dry it in the ventilation.


Because the production materials and design details of the wife’s sexy underwear are relatively complicated, the price is relatively high, but this can also ensure its quality and comfort.The price of the wife of the original Chitose Thunder brand ranges from 200 yuan to 1,000 yuan, which is different depending on the different styles and materials.


In general, while the wife’s erotic underwear meets the needs of women’s beauty, it can also add fun and excitement to the life of the husband and wife.When choosing, pay attention to style, materials, color, size, and accessories, and then select different ways of dressing according to different occasions.Finally, remember to maintain your underwear to ensure its longer use.

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