Wife’s sexy lingerie pop dictation

Wife’s sexy lingerie pop dictation

It is not easy to maintain passion and romance in marriage, but we do not give up trying.My wife and I have tried many romantic ways, but the most interesting thing is that we started to try the fresh things of sexy underwear.In the next content, I will share our experience and provide some tips to help you and your partner start this novel journey.

1. Before buying sexy underwear

Before choosing sexy underwear, we must consider the comfort of ourselves and our partners.We can study online and choose the style that is consistent with our body.You can choose more styles when buying, and then choose with your wife.We did not take this as a surprise because we want to ensure the comfort of our wife.

2. Make the flesh more beautiful

Sex underwear makes your body more beautiful.This is a brand image that makes you feel more confident and beautiful.At the same time, choosing underwear suitable for your body can also make you feel more confident and satisfied in sex.

3. Beautiful and easy to match, practical and important

We like the sexy underwear of lace and leopard patterns, because they are both stylish and practical.If you are a newbie who tried sexy underwear for the first time, it is recommended to buy some durable and simple matching styles, so it is not easy to make mistakes.

4. Improving our sexual life

My wife and I both feel that sexy underwear can improve our quality of sex.This sexy dress often trigger various imaginations, especially when wearing with our partners, it will improve feelings.Moreover, trying new things is also a stimulus of sexual life.

5. Interest underwear can bring surprises

Taking sex underwear as a romantic surprise will bring new vitality to your love relationship.Can surprise your partner on important days, such as birthday or anniversary.

6. Do not let quality be the decisive factor

When we chose sexy underwear, we first used to experience new feelings and stimuli, and quality did not become our decisive factor.Low -quality sexy underwear can indeed save you expenses, but there are certain risks.

7. The important thing is to explore and surprise

Each woman’s body is different, so choosing a sexy underwear that suits you is also a kind of exploration and surprise.If you have the opportunity, you can try to choose some more exposed styles, but always pay attention to personal comfort.

8. When should I wear it?

The quartz watch also plays a great role in life. When you feel that your body is tired and wants to get Divert, it is a good choice to wear sex underwear because it can bring you a lot of stimuli.We recommend wearing sexy underwear in the morning to prepare for a good time with your partner.

9. Learn how to care for them

Like ordinary underwear, sexy underwear needs good care.Be sure to read the instructions on the clothes label before washing.With a little care, you can maintain the exquisite appearance of the sexy underwear and the performance of the clothes.

10. Overall, we feel that sexy underwear is a good way to explore and experiment with new things.It can provide some new and wonderful experiences, allowing us to discover the new reality of sex, and it can also bring a lot of surprises.If you haven’t tried sexy underwear, don’t hesitate to add some new colors to yourself and your partner!

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