Why don’t Pinduoduo sell sexy underwear

Pinduoduo background introduction

As a cross -border e -commerce platform, Pinduoduo is one of China’s largest social e -commerce platforms. Its sales products are mainly concentrated in low -end markets. Users are mainly low -income people.In recent years, Pinduoduo has been repeatedly criticized because it does not sell sexy underwear, which has aroused the dissatisfaction and confusion of consumers.Here, let’s explore the reason why Pinduoduo does not sell sexy underwear.

Pinduoduo company culture

Pinduoduo’s business philosophy is "creating a better life for consumers", and the sales path of sexy underwear is not consistent with Pinduoduo’s company culture, because Pinduoduo pays more attention to the sale of traditional family daily necessities. For sex, it involves sex.Products, especially products such as sexy underwear, will appear a little "far away."

Pind a lot of user positioning

Pinduoduo users are mainly low -income groups, and for this group, sexy underwear is not a necessity, but only one of the luxury goods.In this segment of underwear, Pinduoduo does not have sufficient resources to discover.

Pinduoduo business management

Pinduoduo is also strict for merchants’ review standards, because Pinduoduo has been committed to creating a benign e -commerce environment.And sexy underwear itself is a more sensitive topic. It requires the administrator to strictly check the merchants to prevent merchants from having illegal behavior. The deeper management difficulty will increase accordingly.Essence

Pind a lot of risk control

As a domestic e -commerce platform, Pinduoduo must abide by many laws and regulations. Among them, the relevant laws and regulations of sexy underwear are also very strict. This requires a lot of time and energy for a young e -commerce platform.Study and study.Therefore, in order to avoid potential legal risks, it is a wise decision to choose not to sell sex underwear.

Competition of Pinduoduo Industry

Whether it is an e -commerce platform or an offline market, sexy underwear has become a very mature market, gathered many old -fashioned brands and well -known brands. At the same time, this is also a very mature competitive market.In order to better grasp their market position, Pinduoduo chose to keep watching in the market of sex underwear, rather than adopting an adventure to develop the market.

Pind a lot of social influence

As an e -commerce platform that assumes social responsibility, in addition to paying attention to his business interests, Pinduoduo also pays attention to his social influence.As a private item that involves sex, sexy underwear is obviously not in line with social morality. Therefore, Pinduoduo is a social e -commerce platform and cannot bear the consequences of transporting products such as sex underwear to consumers.

Pind a lot of brand image

As an e -commerce platform that has become increasingly influential in China, Pinduoduo needs to pay attention to your brand image at all times.This is why Pinduoduo must keep cautious when deciding to sell certain products.As a more sensitive product, sexy underwear is sold on Pinduoduo, and it may have a certain degree of impact on Pinduoduo’s brand image.

Pinduoduo’s future outlook

Although Pinduoduo now chooses not to sell sexy underwear, over time and market demand changes, Pinduoduo may also try in the market of sexy underwear in the future. At the same time, it may also change business strategies due to changes in the market environment.The future of Pinduoduo is full of possibilities.


The above is the reason why Pinduoduo does not sell sexy underwear. We also hope that you can have a more comprehensive and deeper understanding of this problem.At the same time, as an e -commerce platform for growth, Pinduoduo needs to find a business model that suits you in a changing market environment to achieve more benign development.

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