Why does a boyfriend buy sexy underwear?

Why is my boyfriend buying sex underwear?

Your boyfriend suddenly bought a sexy underwear for you, which surprised and curious.Maybe you feel puzzled: Why do he buy sexy underwear?Did he think the underwear you wore was too boring?This article will answer your doubts.

1. Improve the quality of sexual life

In fact, sexy underwear is not only to sexy underwear, but also a way of fun, which can increase sexual interest between husband and wife and enrich sexual life.The boyfriend buys sexy underwear to improve the quality of sexual life and make two people closer and relaxed.

2. Stimulate male hunting psychology

Men naturally like to challenge and hunt, and sexy underwear can meet this needs, so that men can enjoy a sense of interest.The boyfriend may just buy a sexy underwear just to satisfy your curiosity and see what you look like after you put it on. This does not mean that he is not satisfied with your usual dress or underwear choice.

3. Breakthrough sex deadlock

The sexual life between husband and wife sometimes loses passion and falls into a deadlock in sex.And sexy underwear can be used as a tool for adjusting sexual life, which can not only increase the change of sex, but also increase the feelings between husband and wife.My boyfriend may just want to break this deadlock.

4. Express care

Boyfriend’s purchase of sexy underwear may also be a way to express care.He may feel that you often do your family tired and need to relax, and hope to give you a surprise to make you feel his love and care.Such surprises and care will make you feel relieved and moved, which will have great benefits to both husband and wife.

5. Increase self -confidence

Fun underwear can make women feel more sexy and confident, and make them exudes unique charm, which can also make men feel very proud and excited.The boyfriend buys sexy underwear to make you more beautiful and confident, so as to face life and work with a more positive attitude.

6. Enhance feelings

The relationship between husband and wife needs to be operated with heart, and sexy underwear can enhance the relationship between husband and wife.The boyfriend buys sexy underwear to make the two people closer, more relaxed, and make the relationship between the two more firm.Interest underwear can also make both feel physically and mentally happy, increasing the tacit understanding and stickiness between husband and wife.

7. Change the dull and boring life

Sometimes life becomes bland and boring, and some innovation and changes are needed to stimulate different experiences and emotions.The boyfriend may be more interesting to buy a sexy underwear, make you feel a different experience and feelings, making you feel more relaxed and more energetic.

8. Enjoy all kinds of good

In the world of sexy underwear, people can enjoy all kinds of beauty, and at the same time, they can also excavate and express their unique emotions and personality characteristics through sexy underwear.My boyfriend may just enjoy this beauty with you, so that you can feel the charm and fun it brings.

9. Break through traditional restraint

People have a lot of concerns and shyness under the traditional etiquette and moral constraints. In the world of sexy underwear, these restraints have been completely broken. Joey in "Dating Experts" once said: "Sex is a big problem of life, but he does notBe sure to become a big problem in life. "The existence of sexy underwear is to make sex a small problem in life.My boyfriend may want you to break through the traditional restraint and enjoy more life.

10. Enjoy the pleasure of exposing each other

From a sensual perspective, my boyfriend buys sexy underwear and put on it to better enjoy the pleasure of exposing each other.As Duan Zi Yue Yunpeng once said: "Falling in love is to find a person who can be naked." In the world of sexy underwear, both of them can enjoy this naked pleasure and express their desires and feelings.

in conclusion

There are actually many reasons for my boyfriend to buy a sexy underwear, and everyone’s psychology and motivation are different.It is important to feel his intentions with your heart, so as to better appreciate and enjoy the charm of sexy underwear, and make the relationship between husband and wife more harmonious and happy.

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