Why do girlfriends wear sexy underwear

Why do girlfriends wear sexy underwear

The first point: improvement of self -confidence

Wearing sexy sexy underwear can make women more confident.Against the sexy underwear, they will feel that they are more confident and attractive, and can attract men’s attention.

Second point: Increase interest

Interesting underwear can increase the taste of husband and wife, and make the bland life full of passion.When men see women wearing sexy sexy underwear, they will make them more excited, and women can feel the enthusiasm of men, thereby increasing deep communication between each other.

Third point: adjust the mood

In some important occasions, such as dating, weddings, parties, etc., wearing sexy underwear can make women happier, more confident, and relaxed to spend this moment, because they know that they are very charming and attract the attention of others.

Fourth point: show body figure

Sexy erotic underwear allows women to show her body better.Some women like to wear sexy underwear because they want to show a better figure, such as more uplifting hips, more three -dimensional breasts, and so on.The design of this underwear will enhance some body curves and create a plump effect in key places, making women look more attractive.

Fifth point: Protecting privacy

Interest underwear can play a great role in protecting personal privacy.Some girls are more shy and do not want to show their bodies in front of everyone. Wearing sex underwear can help them show out under their comfortable conditions.

Sixth point: evoked the desire of men

Many women like to wear sexy underwear because this underwear can evoke men’s desires.Many men once said: "When I see women wearing pink sexy underwear, I always feel that they are more seductive than other women."

Seventh point: cater to the trend

Sex underwear has become a trend, and many girls like to meet the fashion trend.For example, some girls wear bikinis in the swimming pool, or wearing sexy underwear next to the hot beach to show their physical curve and achieve a comprehensive effect of trend and sexy.

Eighth point: Improve sexual quality

Putting on a sexy underwear can improve the quality of sexual life between husband and wife.This is self -evident.Women wearing sex underwear are often easier to evoke men’s love, thereby improving the sex experience between each other.

Ninth Point: Show the World View

Some people may think that women wear sexy underwear to make men happy.But in fact, what kind of clothes people wear are often closely related to individuals’ observation and views on the world.Some women are not necessarily to please others, but to satisfy their pursuit of beauty.

Point tenth: respect for personality

Women wearing sex and sexy underwear are also a manifestation of respect.Compared to others, women wearing this underwear will give people a unique feeling. This unique feeling comes from their own understanding and feelings of art and fashion.Women wearing fun underwear are also expressing their unique style and personality, which is impressive.

in conclusion

In short, women like to wear sexy underwear because of this underwear: to improve self -confidence, increase interest, regulate mood, show their figure, protect privacy, evoke men’s desires, cater to the trend, improve the quality of sex, show the world view and respect personality.No matter what the purpose, women are worthy of respect and attention, because this is also part of their personality and style.

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