Who are the sexy underwear sold to who?

Consumers in sex underwear

Interest underwear is a mysterious and sexy underwear, and has always had huge market demand.But who did it sell to?


Husbands and wives need to maintain the freshness and passion of sexual life, which requires that when sex, you need to try some new things to achieve better results.Sex underwear has brought more colors and more stimuli between husband and wife.Such demand is very large, so couples are important consumer groups of sexy underwear.

Single men and women

Now more and more young people choose to live single.Although single life is free, it also needs to meet your physiological needs.Interest underwear brings freshness and stimulation to those single men and women, allowing them to enjoy a more colorful sex life.

Practitioners of sexual supplies industry

Sexual supplies industry is a huge industry in the group.As a kind of sexy underwear as the sexual supplies industry, it is also an important business for these personnel.Therefore, the production and sales of sexy underwear have also become part of their daily work.

Corporate gift

In order to explain or strengthen the connection between employees, some companies will choose to give special gifts like sexy underwear.These gifts not only allow employees to feel the company’s concern and their attention to them, but also add new interests and experiences to their sexual life.

Sugar Dad Sugar Mom

As the representative of the elite people, the sugar dad sugar mother not only has enough economic strength, but also has more time and energy to pursue high -quality life.Therefore, high -end and high -quality products such as sexy underwear are becoming more and more popular.


The artist is a group of people who pursue freedom. They express themselves through art. This spirit also exists in their lives and sexual life.The sexy underwear has attracted many artists and has become a way for their personality with its uniqueness and artistic attributes.

Cross -gender

Cross -gender people need more attention and support, their sexual oriented is different from other people, and sexy underwear is already researching and designed for their special needs.These special sexy underwear can not only meet their needs, but also have a positive impact on their sexual and mental health.


The sex underwear market presents a diversified consumer group, without specific restrictions and regulations.Sexy underwear can meet our various needs in terms of sex. Different people’s choice of sexy underwear will also vary because of their different needs.Although the consumer groups of sexy underwear are extensive, the sexy underwear itself is still playing an important role in meeting the needs of people to improve sexual interest, especially to strengthen the needs of husband and wife relationship.

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