Which stars pass through sexy underwear

Which stars pass through sexy underwear

In the modern society, sexy lingerie plays an increasingly important role in modern society. It is a must -have for home life, sexual interests, gathering games and flirting.Even many stars are wearing sexy underwear in public or private occasions.Let’s learn about which stars pass through the sexy underwear through the following 8 small titles!

1. Gisele Bundchen: Interesting underwear under the supermodel identity

Giselle Bangchen is one of the world’s most well -known supermodels. Her secret cooperation with Victoria not only brings many of us many classic models, but also shows her love for sexy underwear.Gisel was wearing red and sexy underwear on Victoria’s secret show, showing her sexy side.At the same time, she is also a person with a healthy life. She advocates paying attention to physical health in her brand Sejaa Skincare.

2. Kylie Jenner: The sexy underwear tried by the younger generation

Kelly Jenna is the most popular among young people today, and her fashion, cosmetics and social media have attracted much attention.She has shared many of her sexy underwear on Instagram and showed her sexy underwear in the Calvin Klein advertisement with her sister Kendall Jenner.For young people, it is normal to explore his sexy side, and Kelly Jenna’s attempts in this area are very successful.

3. Rihanna: The sexy underwear of her own brand designed the brand

Rihanna is a powerful and influential singer, fashion idol and entrepreneur.She launched her sexy underwear brand named Savage X Fenty and advertised for her brand.She has revealed sexy sexy underwear several times in public, which also shows her confidence and personal taste of her brand.Rihanna has established her own empire in the fashion industry, and she shows the importance of diversification and confidence to young women.

4. Xu Dongdong: The sexy underwear displayed at the anime festival

Xu Dongdong is a well -known Chinese anime Coser.She attended a sexy underwear in an anime festival and attracted the attention of many anime enthusiasts.Her choice of sexy underwear is her affirmation and expression of her body.She showed the side of flirting and fun, and also showed everyone the standard of physical and mental health.

5. The Kardashian family: wearing sexy underwear when the group attended

The Kardashian family is a famous family in the United States. Members have a strong desire to show themselves.They like to wear sexy underwear while meeting and attending the event.This family also launched its own sexy underwear brand called Skims.They show the world a self -confidence, wisdom and fashion side.

6. Sarah Jones: As an actor’s sexy underwear attempt

Sara Jones is an actor, who has served as the protagonist in the American drama "Agent Agent".On the red carpet, she walked in a black color sexy underwear and successfully showed her sexy side.Her attempts from this perspective also opened up their mood and path for other women as actors.

7. Jennifer Lopez: The sexy underwear style at the concert

Jennifer Lopez is an American pop singer, actor and dancer.She likes to wear sexy underwear at the concert to show her perfect figure and sexy side.She also wore sexy underwear while filming, which also deepened her influence in the fashion industry.

8. Wandering Earth Actress: Outstanding in pink color sexy underwear

"Wandering Earth" is the most successful science fiction film in the history of Chinese film.Feng Shuo, played by the heroine for Liu Peixian, is an engineer.In the movie, she appeared in pink and sexy underwear, and easily interpreted the sexy elements in this sci -fi movie.Her outstanding category shows us the unique charm of science fiction and sexy underwear.

Finally, if you are considering the ranks of the owner of sex underwear, remember to choose a style, size and material that suits you according to your preferences and needs.Don’t forget that sexy underwear is a way to show self -confidence and personality, not a necessary choice for the mysterious and sexy.

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