Which column of Taobao sex underwear


On Taobao, which column should sex underwear be placed?For many sellers, this is a very troublesome issue.In this article, we will analyze this issue and propose solutions suitable for different situations.

Female underwear column

Taobao women’s underwear columns are a very popular column, including various styles of women’s underwear, such as bras, pajamas, swimsuits, etc.For those more traditional sexy underwear, you can consider putting it in women’s underwear columns.This can attract users who like traditional underwear, and also provide them with the opportunity to open the window to see the scene, making them easier to accept these products.

Adult supplies column

In response to those bold and avant -garde sexy underwear, we can consider putting them in adult products columns.After all, these products are more to satisfy the "visual pleasure" of the public, and they are still different from traditional underwear products.And in the adult product column, it is easier for users to accept these sexy products and find them easier to find them.

Interesting underwear exclusive column

As a more popular product, sexy underwear can actually have a special column.In this column, we can classify different types of erotic underwear for different types of sex for users.This is not only convenient for users to buy, but also provides sellers with more exposure opportunities.

Sexy supplies column

Sexy underwear and sex products are somewhat similar, so you can also consider placing these products in the erotic supplies column.In this way, users can find all sex products in the same column, which is more convenient.And it is easier to accept these products for users who are bolder and trying new things.

Brand promotion column

For those more well -known sexy underwear brands, you can open a brand promotion column on Taobao.In this column, users can find all the sexy underwear of the brand, which can better understand the brand’s positioning and style.This has a positive effect on brand promotion and user loyalty.

Theme activity column

For some sexy underwear for some holidays or event themes, they can be sold in the theme activity column.This can not only stimulate users’ desire to buy, but also improve decorative and visual effects, making the entire shopping experience more colorful.

"Hot Sale Recommendation" column

Putting sex underwear in the "hot -selling recommendation" column on Taobao’s homepage can make it easier for users to discover these products.This column usually shows some popular and popular products. If it can occupy a place, it is also a good choice for the exposure of sexy underwear.

Comprehensive sorting column

On Taobao, many users use comprehensive sorting for product screening.We can put sexy underwear in this column, let them arrange it with other types of products, and label reasonable keywords, thereby increasing the exposure of sexy underwear.

Search results page

For those who have not yet determined to buy sexy underwear, they can screen product screening through Taobao’s search bar.We can set up a more forward position in the search results page through keyword settings, so that more users can see these products.

in conclusion

To sum up, sexy underwear can be placed in multiple columns for sales. The selection of specific columns can be selected according to different situations.Generally speaking, we can consider placing traditional style of sexy underwear in women’s underwear columns, bold, avant -garde underwear in adult supplies columns.Increase brand exposure.In addition, you can also consider placing sexy underwear in the "Hot Sale Recommendation" column, comprehensive sorting column and search results page on the Taobao homepage to improve the exposure of the product.

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