Which classification of sexy underwear in Taobao

Which classification of sexy underwear in Taobao

With the advancement of society and the liberation of sexual concepts, more and more people have begun to focus on wearing sexy sexy underwear, thereby enhancing self -confidence and sexual charm.When shopping online, Taobao is undoubtedly one of the most popular and most common platforms.But many people will encounter the classification of Taobao lack of sexy underwear. Today, let’s take a look at which classification of sexy underwear on Taobao.

1. Women’s classification

Interest underwear belongs to women’s underwear, so naturally I think of searching under Taobao women’s classification.In women’s clothing classification, you can find sexy underwear -related products by selecting underwear, bras, or pajamas.Of course, you can also find it directly by searching for the keyword "Fun underwear".

Second, the classification of sexual supplies

Different from some ordinary underwear, sexy underwear pays more attention to its sexy and teasing.Therefore, there are also many sexy underwear sales under Taobao’s sexual supplies, which can find a lot of sexy underwear related products under this category.

Third, stationery office scores

Maybe some people feel that the dynamics and stationery office categories are not related, but in fact, some merchants will put sexy underwear products under this category and sell them.If you can’t find the sexy underwear you want under the classification of women’s or sexual supplies, you can also try to search under stationery office categories.

Fourth, characteristic classification

Under the characteristic classification of Taobao, there are also some products about sexy underwear.For example, some merchants sell some sexy and sexy sexy underwear with ancient style or Japanese and Korean -style clothing classification.

5. Protestant quality classification

If you want to find a more high -end sexy underwear, you can try to search under the quality classification of Taobao.The quality of the products under this classification is relatively expensive, but the sexy and comfortableness will be more outstanding.

6. Classification of activity

In Taobao’s activity classification, occasionally some merchants will launch sexy underwear -related products in promotional activities.If you are lucky, you can not only find your favorite underwear, but you can also buy it at a more favorable price.

Seven, search index high classification

Taobao’s search engine is very smart. It continuously optimizes the search results of various types of products through analysis of user search behavior.If you search for sexy underwear in Taobao, you can see some classifications with higher search indexes, and you may get unexpected gains.

8. Store classification

Finally, introduce the classification of the store.On Taobao, each shop has its own classification, and you can search through some keywords or shop names.Some sexy underwear merchants will put the product in the characteristic classification of the store, so that users can find it.


In general, there are many categories to find sexy underwear on Taobao. Different search methods may find the sexy underwear products that they want most.However, because Taobao is constantly upgrading, optimizing and adjusting the classification, there may be some incomparable categories and recommendations.It is recommended that users try in various ways one by one to find the best search method for them.

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