Where is the General Falls of the Lingerie

Understand the Funerous Underwear Factory

For sellers and enthusiasts of sexy underwear, it is important to understand the emotional underwear manufacturer (that is, the Funerous Underwear).Because this will directly affect the quality and price of sexy underwear.

The distribution of sexy underwear factory

At present, the number and distribution of sexy underwear producers are already very extensive.However, the main distribution areas of the domestic sex underwear factory are still in Guangdong, Fujian, Zhejiang and other places.

Guangdong’s Infusion Lingerie General Factory

The products of the Guangdong Info Underwear Factory are known for sexy, fashionable, and high quality, and are loved by young consumers.In particular, the sex underwear factory in Shenzhen, Dongguan, Huizhou and other cities has a high reputation and reputation in the underwear industry.

Fujian’s Infusion Underwear General Factory

Fujian’s sexy underwear factory products are known for their softness, comfort, and skin -friendly, and are very popular with female consumers.Therefore, the sales area of Fujian’s Fun underwear plant is mainly concentrated in South China, as well as Hong Kong, Australia, and Taiwan.

Zhejiang’s Infusion Underwear General Factory

The Zhejiang Info Underwear General Factory is known for its novel design, fashion avant -garde, and diversification. Its products are suitable for a variety of different consumer groups. The product style covers a variety of styles such as Europe, America, Japan and South Korea.Therefore, the sales area of Zhejiang’s Fun underwear plant is relatively wide, covering all over the country, and the proportion of exports to foreign countries is relatively high.

The advantage of the Funeral Underwear Factory

Compared with ordinary underwear manufacturers, the Fun underwear has the following obvious advantages:

High design level

The design level of the Info Underwear Plant is higher than that of ordinary underwear manufacturers, because sexy underwear contains more elements.Considering elements such as safety.

Wide fabric selection

In order to meet the needs of different consumer groups, the Fun Underwear General Factory pays more attention to diversification in the choice of fabrics, covering a variety of materials such as gauze, silk, and brocade.And for each fabric, there are corresponding technologies, which can be combined with different fabrics.

Technical strength

Interesting underwear is also very powerful in terms of technology, especially for cutting and sewing technology for underwear.This can not only ensure the fit and service life of sexy underwear, but also meet the principles of ergonomic engineering, making the wearer feel more comfortable.

Create brand advantages

In addition to ensuring the quality and technical requirements of the product, the Chancellor of the Info Herbal Factory also needs to work hard on the brand.Because brand awareness is an effective means to attract consumers’ attention, which can enhance the awareness and reputation of the product.


In short, the distribution area of the Fun underwear factory is widely distributed and has its own characteristics. It is part of the underwear industry worthy of attention.And the advantages of the Funeral Underwear Plant also make it an important role in the underwear industry.

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