When my husband is wearing a sexy underwear


Sexy underwear is a sexy clothing, which is generally used to enhance the sex experience between husband and wife.However, when the husband’s faces wearing a sexy underwear may make people feel embarrassing and uncomfortable. Therefore, you need to consider communicating with your husband before wearing a sexy underwear.

Know your body and comfort

The first step in wearing a sex lingerie is to ensure that your figure is suitable for the selected clothing.You need to know your size and choose the appropriate underwear.At the same time, we must also consider the comfort of the underwear and whether to adjust the binding to ensure the maximum comfort.

Choose the style of sexy underwear

Choosing the style of sexy underwear is another important aspect.There are many different styles to choose from, including bras, jackets, babydol skirts and suspenders.You should choose the style you think you can best show your body advantages.

Choose the appropriate color

When choosing sexy underwear, color is also a key factor.You can choose colors such as black, white, red and even leopard.You need to consider the owner’s preference when you are wearing, and choose a color that suits your skin tone.

Consider occasion

When you plan to wear sexy underwear in front of your husband, you must also consider the occasion.Different occasions need different styles of underwear.If you want to have a romantic dinner with your husband, you can choose an elegant jacket; if you want to try some sexy and challenging things, you can choose a challenging suit.

Consider supporting elements

Selecting sex underwear also needs to consider supporting elements.You may need some supporting stockings, shoes, gloves or headwear to match your underwear.These elements will add a integrity to your dress.

Wearing skills

It also requires skills to wear sex underwear, which can better show your figure.For example, when you wear a bra, you can claim the back of the back and pull the bra to the sides to highlight the curve of the chest.

Practice posture and expression

In order to maximize the charm of sexy underwear, you need to put on some sexy postures and expressions to increase interest.Whether it is to raise the back, smile, lazy eyes … it can increase interest.

Communicate with husband

Before choosing and wearing sexy underwear, you must communicate with your husband.Respect each other’s ideas and reactions, and listen to each other’s opinions. If he doesn’t like or you are uncomfortable, then change a plan and always maintain an equal attitude.


Wearing erotic underwear is very helpful in enhancing the sex experience between husband and wife, but many factors must be considered when choosing and wearing.The most important thing is that we should follow the specific ideas of each other and enjoy this novel and exciting experience together.

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