What to wipe the erotic underwear pouring mold


Interest underwear is a very special clothing. Unlike ordinary clothes, it needs to be used for templates when making.Some special tools and items need to be used when making inverted molds. The most commonly used is rubbing.

What is sexy underwear trap

Interest underwear pouring molds are a tool for making sexy underwear. It is similar to a sponge mold and can provide templates during production so that it can be precisely made into a perfect shape, size, and proportion.Under normal circumstances, sexy underwear pouring is made of silicone or rubber material.

Choose the right rubbing

Choosing the right rubbing is essential for the quality and effect of sexy underwear.Selecting the right rubbing can effectively avoid uneven details or textures on the surface of the erotic underwear.

Choose the material of the rubbing seed

The most commonly used material is natural sponge and artificial sponge.Natural sponges have become the first choice for sexy underwear due to their soft texture and fine texture, while artificial sponges are more applicable in some special cases such as long -term use or high frequency use.


It is also important to choose the appropriate rubbing size.If the size of the erotic underwear pouring mold is relatively small, it is best to use smaller rubbers to avoid affecting the details and shapes of the erotic underwear.Conversely, if the size of the downtime of the sexy underwear is relatively large, it is more suitable to use a larger rubbing.

How to use wipe correctly

It is very simple to use the method of rubbing. Just apply the rubbing to the scrubbing fluid and gently wipe the sexy underwear to pour the surface.However, it should be noted that do not excessively excessive force when wiping, so as not to wipe the surface, which will seriously affect the quality and accuracy of the erotic underwear.

How to maintain wipes

Maintenance is also very important.Rinse water after use, dry immediately after cleaning.In the case of long -term use, regularly replace the rubbers to ensure that the surface is maintaining a suitable soft hardness and peaceful combination.

The way to store the seeds

Pay attention to the storage method of rubbing.It is best to put the rubbing in a dry position to avoid exposed to the sun or humid environment, so as not to affect the life and quality of the rubber.

Wipe the price

The price of rubbing is different depending on the different brands, materials and size.Price is not the only factor that determines the quality of wipes. Users can choose the most suitable rubbers according to their needs and budgets.


Choosing a suitable rubbing is very important for the production of erotic underwear. Correct use and maintenance rubbing will also directly affect the quality of sexy underwear.We hope that these tips can help the producers who want to make sexy underwear and make you more handy in the production process.

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