What to fill in the name of sexy underwear products

What to fill in the name of sexy underwear products


As a unique sexy underwear, sexy underwear has entered the wardrobe of more and more young women.Although there are already many brands in the market, many women still do not know what the name of the sexy underwear represents.In this article, we will analyze the name of each product of sexy underwear, so that you can better understand the meaning of love underwear and each product name.

Name analysis

1. Virgin

Virgin is a common sexy lingerie style. It is usually imitated with the uniform style of the maid. It is made of lace and tulle fabric, with the characteristics of a slope and a short skirt.This sexy underwear can satisfy the obedience of some women and be used for role -playing.

2. Fairy Fit

Fairy Precision is usually a sexy underwear with lace, chiffon, velvet and other materials. It often has seeing or lace flying swallows, which has a very age -reducing feeling.This underwear is often used by young women into sexy fairy.

3. Bathrobe

The bathrobe is a kind of sexy underwear that can wrap the body. It is a bit like a robe, and the fabric is comfortable, easy to care, and is similar to ordinary bathrobes.Essence

4. Fairy Tale

Fairy tales are a kind of sexy underwear. They often use fluffy lace skirts to be exquisite, with various decorations, unique.This sexy underwear can meet the needs of women’s fantasy as a princess.

5. Academy outfit

The college dress is a sexy underwear based on campus girls as prototypes, such as over -knee tight skirts, fluffy cheongsams, black and white school uniforms, etc., as well as mouth -watering socks and rabbit girls.In addition, many women choose the college to play as role -playing props.

6. Three -dimensional design

The three -dimensional design refers to the use of different lace and lines to design sexy underwear with three -dimensional effects. Such underwear can not only show women’s figure more perfect, but also have a strong visual effect, making women more sexy and charming.

7. Concern

Conjusational installation is a very unique sexy underwear. It is usually made into a suit, connected to the upper and lower body, and the perspective, grid, hollow and other elements, which are very tempting.

8. Steel ring officer

Steel rims are a special design of sexy underwear. The design uses a strong steel ring to wrap the chest inside, which can not only give full support to the chest, but also show the perfect figure of women to the greatest extent.

9. fluffy style

The fluffy style refers to the use of a large amount of fluffy decorative elements on the underwear lace, such as flowers, bands, and small beads.This sexy lingerie style is very feminine and often appears in wedding party party and bride.

10. Invisible style

The invisible style is a kind of sexy underwear that is often made into shapes without trace five -finger socks, off -shoulder strap without vests, etc., which can guide the perfect curve of women without affecting wearing.The clothing produces traces.

in conclusion

The above -mentioned sexy lingerie names are some of the mainstream design in the market. Different women’s choice of sexy underwear products is based on their personal aesthetic preferences and needs.When buying sexy underwear, women should choose the style and style that suits them, so that they are more sexy, confident, and meet their psychological needs.

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