What to do if men don’t like sexy underwear

Introduction: The reason why men don’t like

Interest underwear is a unique underwear. Its unique design and materials are often described as a tool for men’s sexual fantasy.However, sometimes even if a woman tries to increase the stimulus of husband and wife life, men will not be interested in sexy underwear.

Understand the needs of men

What type of sexy underwear do men like?This is a problem worth pondering.First of all, we need to understand the sexual preferences and needs of men’s normal life.Men are usually more sensitive to visual stimuli, but this stimulus often has a lot to do with their personal experience and hobbies.Therefore, when designing sexy underwear, we should consider the personality and taste of men.

Choose the appropriate color and material

Choosing the right color and material is very important.Most men like black, white and red, these colors are also very popular in sexy underwear.The material should choose a soft, comfortable, and good high -quality fabric to ensure the beauty and texture of the entire design.

Learn the correct size

Size is crucial for any underwear design.If you choose incorrect size, your sexy underwear will not show the effect of beautiful and tempting.Therefore, make sure you know your size correctly, and then choose the size that is best for you when buying a sexy underwear.

Choose the appropriate style

There are many different choices in sexy underwear.For example, you can choose a single or set, a transparent or non -transparent material design, which can add levels or simple.It is also very important to choose the appropriate style.The sexy underwear suitable for your style can attract your man.

Drama and fun

Men often prefer to have a little dramatic and interesting sexy underwear.These designs can attract men to pay attention to underwear and increase their psychological sense of joy.The design with scenes or role -playing elements is becoming more and more popular.

Need to understand yourself

In addition to understanding men’s needs, it is also important to understand yourself.Interest underwear should reflect your own style and personality, which is consistent with your inner world.If you are wearing a sexy underwear that is not very tone with yourself, your man may not be excited.

Talk about concerns and concerns

If your man is dissatisfied or worried about sexy underwear, you should try to communicate frankly.Ask his opinions and ideas, tell him that you want to increase the stimulus of husband and wife life.Then you can try to choose a sexy underwear that suits both of you.

Don’t force

If your man still doesn’t like sexy underwear, you should not force him or forcibly use it in the life of your husband and wife.Communication is the key, but do not force him to adapt and understand any new experience or ideas.

Conclusion: Find the right sexy underwear

It is a challenge to find a sexy underwear suitable for you and the other half, but it is worth trying.Understand the needs of men and your own style, choose the right color, material, size and style, add some dramatic and interesting in sexy underwear, and then open and openly communicate with your man will be the key to success.Essence

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