What should I do if the sexy lingerie is not washed?

1. Don’t continue to wear it again!

Interest underwear is a special clothing. If you wear it without washing, even if it looks clean, bacteria and secretions will be left.Therefore, the first step is to take off the sexy lingerie immediately and wash it off immediately, so as to avoid the bacteria and secretions on the body from further growth!

2. Wash with soapy water or detergent

Soak the sexy lingerie in warm water, add some soapy water or detergent, and gently rub it.Be careful not to wash it with too hot water, which will cause sexy underwear to deform.If you are not sure about the cleaning method of sexy underwear, you can first look at the instructions on the label.If there is no special explanation on the label, simply wash it.

Third, under what circumstances need to disinfect?

If sexy underwear is used for sexual life, it needs to be disinfected.Sex underwear can remove residual flora by drying or high -temperature disinfection.And sexy underwear should not be washed with other clothing, because other clothes may remain from bacteria and secretions, causing sexy underwear pollution.

Fourth, use shower to avoid erotic underwear without washing and directly wear

After sex, if there is no clean erotic underwear or sexy underwear, it is not convenient to wash it immediately. You can choose to take a bath naked and let the skin feel the fragrant foam when cleaning the sexy underwear. This is also a good experience.

5. How to avoid sexy underwear pollution

When wearing sexy underwear, it is best to avoid strenuous exercise and sweat back. This will cause sexy underwear to be more vulnerable to contaminated by bacteria and secretions.And don’t wash sex underwear with other clothes, especially underwear and towels, otherwise it will cause sexy underwear to be polluted.

6. Need to replace sexy underwear regularly

Need to clean up new sexy underwear, don’t always wear the same one.Because sexy underwear is more vulnerable to contaminated with bacteria and secretions, regular replacement can ensure that it will not cause harm to the body.

7. Buy sexy underwear with anti -bacterial effects

Some high -tech sexy underwear now has anti -bacterial function, which can inhibit the breeding of bacteria and secretions, and greatly increase cleaning and convenient.Choosing sexy underwear with anti -bacterial effects can also protect the health of private parts and improve the experience.

8. Do not use sexy underwear during the physiological period

During the physiological period, women’s reproductive organs are more sensitive. At this time, wearing erotic underwear is vulnerable to bacteria and secretions.During the physiological period, do not use sexy underwear. You can choose other comfortable underwear to protect your health.

Nine, storage of sexy underwear should be placed in a dry and ventilated place

The sex lingerie is placed in a dry and ventilated place.If the sexy underwear is placed in a humid place, it is easy to cause the growth of mold and make the clothes unsanitary and unhygienic.

10. Pay attention to open decoration

If the home is open and sexy underwear needs to be kept private, you can choose to put it in a special storage box to avoid being seen and fiddled by others, and you can also protect privacy.


Maintaining the clean and tidy of sexy underwear is an important aspect of protecting physical health.If the sexy underwear is not washed, you should wear it out of the fun underwear as soon as possible.It also needs to pay attention to daily cleaning and disinfection, as well as regularly replacing polluted erotic underwear, and buying sexy underwear with anti -bacterial functions, which allows us to enjoy a safe, healthy, pleasant sex life.

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