What makeup of sexy underwear

What makeup of sexy underwear

With the progress of society, sexy underwear is no longer a kind of clothing that only meets men’s needs. Women have also begun to wear various styles and colors in private underwear to enhance their feelings.However, while choosing sexy underwear, makeup is also very important. Let’s explain how to match makeup to wear sexy underwear.

1. Basic makeup should be fresh and natural

When wearing a sexy underwear, the basic makeup must be fresh and natural.Because sexy underwear itself involves many ambiguous and sexy elements, and too strong makeup may appear too fancy.

2. Eye shadow should be light -colored

Sex underwear generally choose a more bright color or sexy lace, so the choice of eye shadow is best based on light color systems, such as white and pink to weaken the overall atmosphere.

3. Lip makeup should be bright

Because the color of the sexy underwear is more bright, lip makeup can also choose bright colors, such as orange, pink, rosy, etc., which can bring a sexy and dynamic atmosphere.

4. Eye eyeliner is slightly strengthened

The choice and painting of the eyeliner depends on the design and style of sexy underwear.If the design of the sexy underwear is relatively simple, you can choose a lighter color system; if the sexy underwear is fancy, you can choose dark eyeliner and strengthen the arc to create a more charming feeling.

5. The foundation should be thin and natural

The erotic underwear emphasizes the body and self -confidence of women, so on the base makeup, be sure to be thin and natural, and rub the transparent powder to fix makeup.

6. The eyelashes should be lengthened and dense

The eyelashes are the finishing touch of the entire makeup. In order to make the atmosphere of sexy underwear more pure, the eyelashes should be lengthened and dense, creating a bright and agile effect.

7. Hairstyle must be full of interest

The design of sexy underwear is often bold and avant -garde, so the hairstyle should be full of fun.You can choose a waves or short hair shawls, or put on a scarf, which can make the entire makeup more sexy.

8. Simple and generous with jewelry

Interest underwear is generally fancy. In the matching of jewelry, it is based on the principle of simplicity and generosity.You can choose a silver necklace or a small earrings, so that the entire makeup is perfectly presented in details.

9. Perfume should be light

Perfume is the key to adding the entire makeup atmosphere. In terms of choice, it should be based on the principle of lightness and sweetness.In terms of choice, you can choose the breath of perfume according to the style of the sexy underwear youaring at that time.

10. Color matching should be reasonable

When wearing sex underwear, the combination of makeup and color is also very important.Under normal circumstances, the colorful sexy underwear, the makeup is presented in a fresh and beautiful form.In the darker sexy underwear, you can choose to add some warm colors, such as right red, dark red, etc.

Viewpoint: Wearing erotic underwear itself is a self -confidence and sexy display. Therefore, in terms of makeup, you must focus on freshness and sexuality. Do not be too fancy to avoid destroying the entire atmosphere.

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